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Hartford Group International and the Introduction of New Grids


Taipei Xinyi District, Taipei City -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/17/2014 -- On an ordinary day, electric power companies try to plan how much electricity is generated in the next days as they also try to predict what customers do according to historical records of usage. While it is impossible to know exactly how much energy will be used, grid energy storage methods are used to store large scale electricity within an electrical power grid. Electrical energy is stored during times when the production exceeds the consumption. In effect, electricity producer prices do not need to be sacked up and can be maintained at constant production levels. These grids have been long used in the utility industry for added efficiency. But in the past few years, improvements in grids have been introduced not only to keep a maintained productive level but to also take a step into a greener society as what Hartford Group International plans to do.

The new intermittently power capacity outpacing the installation of storage has been a long problem of the energy sector. This is also the reason why operators of the old grid are turning to innovations to keep them operating smoothly. The introduction of the smart grid remains an exciting feature with huge potential for radical innovation in energy intensive industries. With such improvements, companies are able to make more cost effective decision along with efficiency gains and process optimization. More importantly, new grids will make the integration of renewable energy in utilities a lot more attractive. It can also help change the utility industry dramatically in so many ways as what Hartford Group International foresees.

The past year has marked some critical milestones on the path to greening existing power infrastructures. For example, wind and solar power peaked to more than 59% of hourly nationwide production on a particular day in Germany. In California, the state’s wholesale grid operator recorded an all-time high of solar energy which is enough to power more than 1.5 million homes. While countries such as Germany, the United States and Japan are seeking to help promote energy storage as a way to soften the impact of intermittent solar on the grid, Hartford Group International plans to do the same.

In addition, efforts to completely reinvent the grid have also gained traction with the introduction of the micro-sized grid. In the wake of several hurricanes that slammed the United Stated, several northeastern utilities are on the lookout for more flexible, renewable and more importantly, more resilient micro grids.

Projects to complete some of the first commercial micro grids have been under way in the past year which is why this new type of grid is seen to gain more attention in the next few years. According to the experts, a total of 4.148 MW of micro grid capacity is planned to be deployed throughout the world with concentrations in North America. When such projects gain momentum with major corporations such as the Hartford Group International, the road to completely improving the face of grids and utilities will start.

While companies such as ENBALA are using real-time technology to manage grid demand, other companies are seeking to partner with grid operators to address the increased wind and solar sharing resources. Hartford Group International plans to do the same thing. Being able to maximize system efficiencies and reduce overall energy costs, the utility industry will undoubtedly be changed for the better.

Along with many top finance companies such as Hartford Group International, companies are analyzing the policy changes of governments of the emerging markets in order to create long-term policies that provide a more profitable and reliable market. Developing countries will account to nearly two-thirds of the global increase in renewable energy generation which is where such companies plan to invest in. The positive outlook on renewable energy is indeed a great opportunity to the investing community all around the globe. Not only are such opportunities promising but they are opportunities that can offer good returns over the long run.