Haskell New York Inc

Haskell Continues 85 Years of Innovation


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/06/2013 -- After 85 years of business, Haskell New York Inc. has survived the Great Depression, several recessions, a world war, corporate expansion and the online sales boom. They have done so by continuing to evolve while holding to their core values and clients. With their GSA Schedule 75, the company is authorized to sell products to both federal government employees and businesses alike. Despite their long history, Haskell is one of the few places where it’s still possible to talk to the bosses.

The online store sells commercial business supplies, and has everything the traditional stores have in stock, from Lorell office furniture to pens, coat racks and printer cartridges. Haskell is also an approved AbilityOne dealer that devotes a portion of profits under the Skilcraft brand to people living with extreme disabilities. The company is a member of the DOD Emall (Department of Defense Emall) and sells products on both its website as well as the GSA Advantage government site.

Its emphasis is on convenience, with a clean and clear online catalogue with detailed, plain English product descriptions and high quality product imagery replete with clear pricing and ordering options. The company is also committed to environmental sustainability, with biodegradable/ eco-friendly alternatives to products detrimental to the environment.

A spokesperson for the company explained, “We’re dedicated to making sure that we not only survive during this latest economic downturn but that we continue to thrive. Over our history our company has faced tougher economic challenges than these and come out on top, so we’re confident that the improvements on our site will herald a new period of prosperity and growth as the convenience and immediacy of the format will allow for us to sell direct to people anywhere in the US from the comfort of their homes.”

Now in its third generation, this family owned business continues to provide the best products and services to its customers. No sales prospect is too small to get their dedicated attention.

About Haskell
Originally known as Haskell Printing and Stationery, the company began prior to the Great Depression and survived several major recessions, the Second World War, the rise of the office superstores and emergence of the Internet. On its flagship site, OfficeSalesUSA.com, Haskell is authorized to sell office products and furniture to both the federal government and general public.

Haskell is a major supporter of green initiatives and both sells and uses biodegradable bags, recycled paper and other green products. For more information, please visit: http://www.officesalesusa.com/