Joe Bragg Delivers Public Records at the Click of a Button


San Fransisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/24/2012 -- Public records are vital for people seeking information on potential employees, partners and background checks on those entering a position of responsibility. They form an essential part of the employment process, but can often be troublesome to get hold of. Local records in particular can often be buried within complex or outdated filing systems.

Hassle Free Public Records is a website that has been launched recently to overcome the difficulty in locating all kinds of public records, from arrests, births, deaths, marriages and divorces, property and tax records. Further to this, general public records and vital records online are further specified, allowing users to group together the most important elements for specific searches.

The site also features high-quality original content detailing the necessary steps for different background checks. If a user is screening a nanny, they can find all the information they might require about the kind of checks they should perform from the standard child abuse checks post, detailing child abuse clearances that will increase peace of mind.

The database is broken down into every state in America to quickly and efficiently narrow the search and increase its efficacy and speed. After a user has determined their state, they can select the type of records they wish to see and from what county, thereby further narrowing their search, so that in a maximum of four mouse clicks they have access to the information they require from the appropriate source.

The site also features video content on the legal ramifications of background checks and the way individuals can use the background check to check themselves as potential employers, licensers and banks will see them.

The Hassle Free Public Records spokesperson explained, “Background checks are absolutely essential when you are engaging someone whose past history you do not know, or do not know well, for a position with responsibility. This can be in a business venture or as an employee, in public office, or in a personal relationship. Public records are indispensable when you are researching someone's background - when and where they were born or if they were ever arrested - but you can also do quick searches on the internet and social networking sites.”

About Hassle Free Public Records
Hassle Free Public Records is an online research tool that features a database of vital records, tax documents, arrest records, and other public records. For more information please visit: