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Hat Madness: New Prequel to 'Alice in Wonderland' Depicts Life of Hatter Before He Went Mad!

Written by John E. Kelley Jr, ‘Hat Madness’ answers one of Wonderland’s biggest burning questions – just how did The Hatter turn mad? As readers will discover, life was tough long before meeting Alice.


Sheboygan, WI -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/23/2013 -- While known for his enchanting tea parties and quirky personality, millions have been left in the dark as to how and why The Hatter actually went mad. However, thanks to a compelling new novel by John E. Kelley JR, readers can finally get a glimpse at The Hatter’s life before he met Alice.

‘Hat Madness’ tells a tumultuous tale that puts The Hatter’s off-beat behavior into perfect context.


Once upon a time there lived a world much like our own. Every day the people lived happily in the world of Wonderland. One day Wonderland had gotten a new Queen and at her side was her evil brother Draygon. Because of that, the people started to notice their world change before their very eyes. Because of that, strange creatures started to appear everywhere. Until Edwin the hat maker decided to investigate his missing girlfriend.

Some would say the Hatter’s a fool,
A crippled man or just a tool.
He may not be normal and perhaps it was true,
but you don’t know Edwin, the real man that flew.
Long before Alice had sipped on his tea,
Something does happen and this was the key.
Edwin the hat maker was busy all day,
along came a queen to mold him her way.
So how did the Hatter become so mad?
Just see for yourself and you will be sad.

As the author explains, he was always curious to discover the reasons behind The Hatter’s madness.

“I first became fascinated with Alice in Wonderland as a kid, but couldn’t figure out why The Mad Hatter acted like he did. So, I wrote a back story on The Mad Hatter. Readers will get a glimpse into the life of The Mad Hatter before he went mad. It is sort of a prequel to the original book I read,” says Kelley.

Continuing, “The story begins a few years before The Hatter, or Edwin as I call him, first met Alice. It’s a gripping story of evil, revenge and poignant loss. It becomes very evident that The Hatter’s crazy behavior is for very good reason.”

Kelley believes Lewis Carroll would approve of his character treatment.

“I couldn’t have written this book if it wasn’t for Carroll’s original work. I’ve remained true to his style and the entire book pays homage to his great talents. I think he’d be very pleased with what I did,” he adds.

With the book’s popularity increasing, interested readers are urged to purchase their copies as soon as possible.

‘Hat Madness’ is available now: http://amzn.to/19ZxRN3.

About John E Kelley Jr
John E Kelley Jr is a Science Fiction and Fantasy Author. His vast imagination had gotten him in trouble in school when he was younger. He would often daydream and create stories in his head while the teachers would teach the class math, social studies and science.

The only time he would really pay attention is when he was in art class.