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Hatton Jewellers Explain Pawnbroking to All


London, England -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/19/2016 -- When it comes to pawnbroking, many people whom have never pawned anything before find the concept slightly hard to grasp and understand. One leading pawnbrokers however, Hatton Jewellers make it easy for their customers to understand right from the beginning – outlining not only what pawnbroking is on their website, but also detailing the services which they offer clearly in an easy to read and understand format.

Pawnbroking is basically the lending of money against items. Pawning with Hatton Jewellers is actually incredibly easy too – which is why so many of their customers go back to them time and time again. People simply have to bring their goods to them and then they get valued and once a price has been agreed upon all the customer has to do is sign in order to get their cash. Items between £5 and £15000 can be pawned with the company and they even allow for loans to be renewed. Another advantage of pawning with Hatton Jeweller is that unlike many other companies, is that they don't perform credit or income checks, meaning that anyone can pawn their goods with them.

A spokesperson from the company was keen to comment saying, "We take pride in the pawnbroking services that we are able to offer and truly believe that they are superior to those offered by other companies within the industry. We lend up to 90%of items pre-owned market value and have fantastic interest rates too. What more could you want? If you require further information or have any questions, don't hesitate to pick up the phone and call our superbly knowledgeable and friendly team today."

About Hatton Jewellers
Hatton Jewellers is a leading family owned and run pawnbrokers and jewellers based in Poplar, London - offering a plethora of quality services. Constantly striving to offer the best services, they continuously ensure that their customers are happy and are always pleased to advise and guide people where needed.

For complete details on their services and the company, you can visit their website today: www.hatton-jewellers.co.uk

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Company Name: Hatton Jewellers Limited
Contact Person: Rob Cuomo
Address: 8 Market Square, Chrisp St London E14 6AQ
Telephone: 0207 537 2270
Website: www.hatton-jewellers.co.uk
Email: info@hatton-jewellers.co.uk