Haulage Exchange Members Welcome Government Plan to Display Fuel Price Signs on Motorway Service Areas

The government’s plan to display fuel prices in the hard shoulder of motorway service areas may have a positive effect on the business of haulage companies.


London, England -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/17/2013 -- The UK government’s recent plans to have fuel prices displayed in plain view on signs along motorway service areas are met positively by hauliers and other related organisations. Many sectors, including those business entities that regularly exchange haulage loads through such organisations as Haulage Exchange, welcome the plan as it is believed to not only improve the management of fuel prices, but may also drive the prices down. At the centre of the plan is the UK Prime Minister’s belief that transparency in this area—achieved by always informing the public of the latest fuel prices near points of sale—may actually give motorists better deals.

Many haulage companies in the UK are active members of Haulage Exchange—a fast-growing provider of freight exchange services that immensely benefit hauliers, frieght forwarders, and even small operators. As one of the major goals of Haulage Exchange is to find effective solutions to rising fuel prices, as well as combating onerous legislation, the government’s plan is considered to give hauliers a good chance to find ways to wrestle with the increasing price of fuel. With fuel price transparency—the signs are intended to be visible on half-mile signs approaching service stations—fuel prices may go down due to competitive pressure.

Haulage Exchange is one of the UK’s major drivers of growth and innovation as far as the haulage industry is concerned. It provides a common platform for hauliers and other interested parties to do business efficiently, painlessly and profitably. By providing a way for hauliers to find available loads or farm out excess jobs, Haulage Exchange helps tens of thousands of business entities to stave off losses and turn risks into growth opportunities and profit. The government’s plan is believed to aid to the overall goals of the organisation and of the haulage industry in general.

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