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Have Something Ugly to Hide? New Fake Rocks to the Rescue

RocksFast provides super durable artificial rock covers to home owners wanting to cover those ugly water wells, vent pipes, septic tanks, irrigation valves, electrical boxes and more. It's fast and easy curb appeal!


Pardeeville, WI -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/31/2014 -- Home owners don't have to look at unsightly utilities in there yards, gardens and landscaped areas anymore. A new breed of ultra realistic fake rock covers makes covering these objects fast and easy. Based in Madison, WI, RocksFast deals in 100% American Made fake boulders and rocks, and they can deliver their products anywhere throughout the USA.

Alex Peart the spokesperson of the company maintains that these artificial rocks are in great demand and they are shipping them to a large number of customers, on a daily basis. “Our rocks offer realistic colors and textures and are much easier to work with than natural stones. Moreover, one can obtain these rocks in a variety of shapes and sizes for a wide variety of applications.” Mustaane reveals. These artificial rocks are also preferred for their simple and easy installation to help transform the complete look of a landscape.

In recent years, artificial stones and rocks have emerged as a cheap and simple landscaping tool. Many landscape designers, architects, and commercial gardeners are increasingly using these rocks to achieve highly sophisticated and natural landscape and exterior designs. One can use these fake rocks to beautify and disguise a wide variety of utilities which can be unsightly if left out in the open. Water wells and septic tank risers are everywhere, and home owners are never happy having to look at them all the time. The hollow design of these fake rocks enables one to disguise these utilities very quickly.

RocksFast offers free shipping to most states and lists super competitive pricing on all of the available rock models, sizes and colors available for order through their website. Since the rocks are made of 100% recycled material they are considered green and environmentally friendly. The resins used during the molding process is safe and non toxic even if placed in water where fish and plants may live. One may learn more about these rocks and how these rocks can be used to decorate a landscape by visiting the website

About Rocks Fast
Located near Madison, WI, Rocks Fast is an online retailer of high quality lawn, garden and landscaping products. They sell exceptional quality landscaping products that are made in the USA. All staff members are very familiar with the product lines and can provide any type of customer assistance.

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