Haverland's Intelligent Eco Sensor Radiator Now Available in the UK

Haverland, the top manufacturer of energy efficient electric heater in Spain, has finally penetrated the UK market with their energy-saving Eco Sensor Radiator. However, only limited stocks will be available.


Wiltshire, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/27/2014 -- Heating systems for homes, buildings, and structures are one of the strict necessities of housing structures in the UK, as heating systems remain to be the best protection against the harsh cold of the winter season. Haverland, a top Spanish manufacturer of energy efficient electric heaters, have successfully branched out to the UK. Their flagship product, which is the top-rated Eco Sensor Radiator, is now available to the UK market.

The Eco Sensor Radiator is a specially engineered heating system that can intelligently detect human presence in the room. With the Eco Sensor Radiator, leaving the heating system turned on while one is away won’t cause any increase in the utility bills. This heating system is equipped with sensors that can detect the lack of movement inside the room, thereby triggering an automatic change in the radiator’s settings.

For example, an occupied room calls for a comfort temperature of 21 degrees Celsius. But when the room is unoccupied, the radiator will automatically shift the settings to economy mode, which is commonly at 18 degrees. The Eco Sensor Radiator can also eliminate energy surges. With it installed, there will be no need to heat up a room from 12 degrees to 21 degrees to make it comfortable. This feature saves energy and money in the process.

The Eco Sensor Radiator is highly recommended to landlords and apartment owners, as well as to those who provide student accommodation and housing systems. With this heating system installed, landlords won’t encounter maintenance issues whenever an old tenant leaves and a new one comes in. The radiator will keep the apartment at the desired temperature during the period of no tenancy. This allows for a huge savings in heating and maintenance in the long run.

The same goes for school accommodation structures, especially when students leave for the Spring Break and for the holidays. With an automatic heating system in place, there’s no need to manually switch heating in every room. The intelligent sensors of the Eco Sensor Radiator will efficiently handle that job.

However, Haverland’s Eco Sensor Radiator is available to the UK only until the current stocks last. The last few pieces that were left in Spain at the end of the heating season will be shipped and sold to the UK market. A newer and better system is due to come out later in the year.

About Haverland
After more than 40 years experience in the manufacture of electric heating systems, Haverland have become the leading company in the production and sale of energy efficient electric heaters. Today they are proud to be considered the market leader in research, development and innovation in this field. They are passionate about what they do and believe that their customers deserve only the best. It is a simple business strategy that works.

For additional information about Haverland’s Eco Sensor Radiator, please visit the company’s official UK website, http://www.haverland.co.uk/.

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