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Having a Tattoo Doesn't Have to Be Permanent

London clinic have the gold standard in tattoo removal offering a safe, fast and effective solution to permanent removal of unwanted body art.


London, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/21/2012 -- There was once a time when tattoos were associated with criminals and bandits, these days they are quite common, they can look good, tasteful and make a statement about the individual sporting one, tattooing itself is an art form that has been around since neolithic times.

Celebrities that have tattoos include David Beckham, Mike Tyson, Christina Aquilera, Heidi Klum and Pete Doherty but not all are as keen on their body art as David Beckham. Celebrities to have reportedly had tattoos removed include Megan Fox and Angelina Jolie.

If your considering a tattoo it is advisable to get something that has meaning to you, don't get a partners name as relationships can end and a new partner probably won't appreciate it. If you have such a tattoo and want it removed you should consider laser tattoo removal.

Tattoo removal once to involved acidic skin peels, rubbing salt over the tattooed area, a process called dermabrasion which uses fine grit surgical sandpaper, or cutting the image out and then patching up the area with skin grafts. All of these processes would leave scaring and skin damage.

It is estimated that between 17% - 25% of people who get inkings regret it afterwards, now thanks to modern technology and the development of laser treatment tattoos can be removed without scaring.

Laser treatment works by breaking down the ink in under your skin using a high energy burst of light. One clinic who offer laser tattoo removal in London have invested in a state of the art machine. The Lynton Luminette Q-switched laser they said “it uses passively Q-switched Nd:YAG (1064nm) and KTP (532nm) lasers. These are designed to target the different multi-coloured tattoo inks, as used by both professional and amateur tattooists”

This kind of laser treatment is not painless though, the clinic said “The treatment can feel like having an elastic band flicking against the skin.” It also doesn't work on some skin types, this is why http://www.citytattooremoval.com offer a free consultation and will try a small test area first. Give them a try if your considering tattoo removal in London.