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Hawaii Island's Royal Kona Resort Publishes Article on Hawaii Whale Watching

Article by Royal Kona Resort on Hawaii's Big Island talks about Hawaii whale watching


Kailua, HI -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/24/2014 -- Royal Kona Resort is one of the historic resorts in the busy West Hawai'i town of Kailua-Kona. The Resort welcomes visitors of every stripe and committed to every conceivable hobby.

In addition to catering in person to guests vacationing on the Big Island, Royal Kona also tries to bring Hawaii to life for online readers, through a number of informational articles on topics ranging from honeymoon planning tips to Big Island hiking trails. The latest article by Royal Kona talks about Hawaii whale watching - a favorite of guests who love sea life and are lucky enough to be staying on the Big Island during the peak winter season.

About The Whales of the Pacific Ocean
The whales of the Pacific Ocean, including perennial favorites the humpbacks, have an impressively long migration pattern that they cycle through over the course of a year. They move to the Northern Pacific up to Alaska and the Kodiaks during the summer, where they feed; then, in winter, between the months of December and March, they swim down to Hawaii to mate and have offspring. The waters around the islands offer a welcoming menagerie for whale calves, and they have made a winter home there for many millennia.

The arrival of humans has threatened to upset the natural tradition of the whales, which is why Hawaii's residents, tourism industry and government all work to help visitors get an up-close view of the great beasts while treating them with respect and leaving them enough distance to avoid stress and disruptions.

As luck would have it, Kailua-Kona is on the edge of the area of the sea off the Big Island that is densest in whale sightings; guests staying in an ocean-view room a few floors off the ground can enjoy some optics-assisted whale spotting without ever leaving the balcony.

For anyone who does want to get up close, there are numerous whale watching boat tours embarking at various times of the day. Just make sure to wear something waterproof - the whales are famous for breaching, which creates a massive and inescapable geyser of sea water that drenches everything for many yards around.

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