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hCG Diet Plan Includes Medical Supervision at Nu Image Medical


Miami, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/15/2012 -- In the past couple of years, the hCG diet has exploded in popularity. Across the United States, many people have used some form of an online hCG diet plan in order to successfully lose weight.

While purchasing hCG over the internet and then using the hCG injections or drops can help people shed unwanted pounds, the one thing that is lacking in these online programs is medical supervision. Most people who buy hCG online do so entirely on their own, leaving them to determine the best way to administer and adhere to the diet plan.

Nu Image Medical has been getting a lot of attention lately for completely changing the way that thousands of people lose weight through the hCG diet.

The company features a medically-supervised hCG program that includes doctors and practitioners who review each client’s information and progress and consult with each one through a tele consultation. This type of telemedicine allows for Nu Image Medical to offer a medical hCG diet plan via phone or internet to people all over the country, not just those who come directly to the office.

In addition, all of the medications used at the company come from a licensed U.S. pharmacy. Nu Image Medical uses only Pharmaceutical hCG and not Homeopathic hCG, which has been shown to rarely contain any actual hormones.

The company’s website, Nuimagemedical.com, also does an outstanding job of explaining exactly what the hCG diet is, how it works, and why it has helped so many people lose weight.

For example, an article explains that hCG, or Human Chorionic Gonadotropin, is a hormone that is produced during pregnancy. When a British endocrinologist named Albert T. W. Simeons conducted research on young overweight boys and pregnant women, he discovered the benefits of using hCG for weight loss.

“Dr. Simeons believed that the positive results of his research can be attributed to the fact that the low doses of HCG (125 IU to 200 IU) he gave to patients was causing the fat that otherwise lays dormant in the system to become mobilized and released in the form of energy,” the article explained, adding that because of this effect, his patients were able to maintain the low calorie diet and still function normally due to the newfound energy made possible by hCG doses.

About Nu Image Medical
Nu Image Medical has been in business since 2004; we specialize in telemedicine services for weight loss and anti-aging patients. Our system gives people all over the United Stated access to medically supervised hCG and HGH programs, using real medication from licensed U.S. pharmacies. Every patient that signs up for our program gets a tele consultation with our Doctors or medical practitioners. For more information, please visit http://nuimagemedical.com