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hCGTreatments / Diet Doc hCG Diets & Weight Loss Plans Announces Revamped hCG Diet Plans Designed to Help Patients Lose Weight Without Strenuous Exercise Regimens

Diet Doc has revamped the prescription hCG diet plans, providing successful and fast weight loss without a daily trip to the gym. In fact, prescription hCG diet plan patients are discouraged from participating in strenuous exercise regimens.


Escondido, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/30/2013 -- It is no secret that exercise benefits the body, as well as the mind, and is proven to relieve stress and depression; however, many dieters with limited mobility are unable to participate in sweaty, strenuous exercise regimens and become discouraged with dieting because losing weight is typically associated with grueling exercise. Diet Doc has developed new medically supervised, prescription hCG diet plans that are capable of producing results without exercise, actually discourage patients from engaging in strenuous exercise regimens while dieting.

For those who cannot participate in effective exercise now have relief from weight gain. Diet Doc has modernized the original hCG diet plans to offer patients the opportunity to lose weight fast naturally and safely without workout routines. Unlike the original hCG diet plan that was developed in the 1950s, Diet Doc's modernized version allows patients to enjoy up to 1250 healthy calories per day, while incorporating a wider range of delicious foods to the diet plan. However, even though the daily caloric intake has increased, it is still not sufficient to support strenuous exercise. If one participates in demanding exercise routines while consuming a low calorie diet, the brain may signal the body to enter what is referred to as starvation mode, decreasing metabolic rate and possibly causing weight gain. This, in turn, may result in the weight loss process being drastically reduced. For this reason, refraining from strenuous workouts is not only a relief for those who cannot partake, but also critical until weight loss goals have been achieved in order to maintain steady natural results.

The prescription hCG diet is designed to burn abnormal fat, which is fat that is typically the most difficult to lose and is trapped in areas such as the belly, underarms, hips and thighs. While following the nutritionist-designed diet plans, coupled with the administration of prescription hCG, this dynamic combination instructs the brain to release this trapped fat into the bloodstream to be burned as a primary source of energy. Dieters following the plan are losing weight quickly and noticing the loss of pounds and inches in these most stubborn areas of the body.

Even though the new prescription hCG diet has the ability to prevent the loss of lean muscle during dieting, too much or too strenuous of an exercise routine will leave the dieter feeling tired and hungry. For this reason, Diet Doc recommends performing limited and moderate exercise, such as brisk walking, callanetics, which are deep muscle exercises designed to tone the entire body while tightening the hips, buttocks, and thighs, Pilates which help to improve posture and increase flexibility and stamina, yoga or T-Tapp, which is an exercise using a series of compound muscle movements performed in a specific sequence. Diet Doc’s hCG clients will find that this light to moderate exercise protocol is suitable for almost any lifestyle, even for those dieters with limited physical mobility.

Diet Doc is committed to the safe and successful fast weight loss journey of each client, from the first pound lost to the last inch lost. By providing exceptional personalized support, guidance and encouragement to all clients, dieters are never alone in the quest to become healthier and to enjoy a more active lifestyle by losing excess weight. In addition to unlimited support, constant communication is used to supervise and monitor each patient's progress with encouragement to continue to make healthy food choices to ensure long term weight maintenance.

Diet Doc's hCG is available by prescription only and cannot be found in stores. Subsequent to a satisfactory medical evaluation and doctor consultation, which can be accomplished from the comfort of the patient's own living room via Skype or telephone, prescription hCG will be dispensed to be used with personalized diet plans that are unique and specific to each patient's personal and medical needs. This powerful combo has proven effective in over 97% of Diet Doc clients, who are routinely losing a pound or more per day without side effects.

Diet plans will be designed for those that have been unsuccessful in the past in trying to lose that difficult last 10 pounds to those that need to lose 100 pounds or more. Diet Doc urges everyone that has been unsuccessful with weight loss in the past to call today to begin the journey to a healthier and more active future by losing excess weight without strenuous exercise regimens.

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