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hCGTreatments / Diet Doc hCG Diets & Weight Loss Plans Introduces the Perfect End of Summer Diet Plans for Holiday Enjoyment Without the Fear of Unwanted Weight Gain

With end of summer quickly approaching & holiday parties being planned, many dieters fear unwanted weight gain. Diet Doc clients can indulge in BBQs & Labor Day goodies without this threat by following specially formulated calorie loading plans.


Escondido, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/22/2013 -- Diet Doc has used the knowledge gained from decades of scientific research to modernize and refine the original outdated 1950s hCG diet that was founded in the 1950s by researcher, A.T.W. Simeons. Although Simeons’ followers were successful in losing excess weight rapidly, Diet Doc does not support the dangerously low 500-calorie per day intake and now offers prescription hCG diet plans that allow the dieter to consume more than double that of the original diet. By successfully transforming the original hCG diet into a more effective and safer method of fast weight loss, while providing patients an individual and personalized treatment plan, the company has helped thousands of Americans successfully achieve fast weight loss goals.

Many potential dieters procrastinate when contemplating a new diet. There are parties, holidays, and vacations approaching that may impair the fast weight loss process. So they wait. Diet Doc has designed prescription hCG diet plans that are perfect for any holiday, allowing dieters to begin the transition to a slimmer, healthier and sexier body by indulging and enjoying end of summer and Labor Day parties.

This is how the Diet Doc hCG Diet plan works: Dieters are urged to consume up to 3000 calories per day of healthy fats, lean proteins and green leafy vegetables and fruits for the first two days, called the loading phase. By loading up on these additional calories, the body will be protected from fatigue during the next phase of the diet. The extra calories also allow glycogen and triglycerides to build up in the body for later use. Glycogen, a molecule derived from glucose, is stored in liver and muscle cells and is released when the body requires energy. When consuming additional calories, more glycogen is produced than is needed and is stored as fat. When the body requires additional energy, glycogen is activated, releasing this stored fat into the bloodstream to be burned for energy.

Qualified Diet Doc patients will receive prescription hCG diet plans that are uniquely designed and personal to each client’s individual nutritional, medical and dietary requirements. The administration of medically supervised 100% pure prescription hCG signals the hypothalamus to trigger fat stores, releasing them into the bloodstream and burning this old, trapped fat as the primary source of energy. Because prescription hCG is enhanced with energy boosting Vitamin B12, as well as naturally able to suppress the appetite, dieters are losing weight safely and rapidly without the typical dieting side effects.

Diet Doc has become the nation’s leader in medically supervised prescription hCG diet plans by offering the safest and most effective fast weight loss possible and has guided thousands of patients toward the road to improved health by losing unwanted, unhealthy and embarrassing excess fat. With pricing plans available to fit even the tightest budget, the company makes fast weight loss available to almost everyone.

The professionals at Diet Doc urge everyone that wants to lose unwanted, unhealthy and embarrassing excess fat to call today to schedule a complementary and confidential consultation and to enjoy the holidays without the worry of unwanted weight gain.

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