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hCGTreatments / Diet Doc hCG Diets & Weight Loss Plans Announces Diet Plans to Reduce Back Pain & Possibly Alleviate the Need for Invasive & Potentially Risky Back Surgery

Diet Doc offers diet plans that have helped thousands reduce weight related back pain and, oftentimes, avoid surgery by losing weight and reducing pressure on the spine.


Escondido, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/03/2013 -- Many people suffer from back pain and many will resort to invasive and potentially risky back surgery. Although surgery may, in fact, be the only option for back pain relief for some, many people have found benefit by losing excess weight. Carrying excess weight causes pressure on the spine by forcing the pelvis to be pulled forward, increasing the spinal curve in the lower back. Because of this additional pressure on the spine, over time, the weight can cause the discs’ outer fibers to wear away resulting in constant back pain.

Diet Doc offers the most reliable prescription hCG diet plans for those that suffer from back pain due to being overweight. These diet plans will produce fast weight loss which takes the extra pressure from the spine and may potentially eliminate the need for invasive and potentially risky back surgery. The company has reformulated the prescription hCG diet plan, combining the most potent form of the diet hormone with medically supervised diet plans, offering all Americans the opportunity to improve health and reduce back pain by losing weight rapidly, yet sensibly. Now with higher potency, Diet Doc's prescription hCG diet plans enable the best results the company has ever provided.

Diet Doc does not support the age-old Simeons low calorie protocol and has modified and modernized the original hCG diet plans, increasing the potency of the medication, increasing the daily allowable caloric intake, and creating personalized, tailor-made diet plans specific to each patient’s personal nutritional requirements while being compatible with almost any medical condition and fitting neatly into their particular lifestyle.

The professional and knowledgeable fast weight loss staff supervises each patient’s journey toward improved health and reduced back pain and progress is closely monitored with scheduled weekly checkup calls. This level of personalized service enables the physicians to assess each patient’s comfort level and to quickly identify and resolve any weight loss plateaus or other barriers that may be hindering fast weight loss by making medication adjustments.

Available nationwide via telemedicine, potential clients need only call the company to begin their personal weight loss journey. With the ability to reach those in even the most remote locations in the country, Diet Doc has helped thousands improve their health and reduce back pain by losing excess weight simply and sensibly, and has become the nation’s leader in medically supervised prescription hCG diet plans.

Losing as little as 10-20 pounds can significantly relieve pressure from the spine, reduce back pain, and may even eliminate the need for surgery. Prior to resorting to invasive, painful and potentially risky back surgery, contact the fast weight loss experts at Diet Doc today to schedule a free consultation.

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