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hCGTreatments / Diet Doc hCG Diets & Weight Loss Plans Announces a New hCG Diet Plan, Perfect for the Fall, Calling for 2 Days of Initial Loading

Diet Doc Weight Loss has introduced a prescription hCG diet that actually recommends initial calorie loading for best results, making a 30 day hCG diet from Diet Doc the only diet that fits perfectly between Thanksgiving and Christmas to provide fast weight loss before the new year.


Escondido, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/13/2013 -- During the holiday season, dieters often become discouraged with dieting and abandon weight loss altogether. Diet Doc hCG Diets & Weight Loss Plans reminds dieters that an individualized hCG diet plan from the company allows clients to load up on calories for two days, ideally Thanksgiving, and be finished with their diet by Christmas. In a single 30 day cycle, Diet Doc's clients report losing an average of nearly 1 pound per day, or 20 pounds per month, making an hCG diet from Diet Doc Weight Loss Plans a perfect fit for the holiday season. While the fall is increasingly discouraging for dieters, Diet Doc reminds those looking to lose weight fast during the time of plenty, or simply trying to maintain a healthy weight despite overeating, a Diet Doc weight loss plan can aid in both.

Contrary to traditional beliefs, the holiday season is not fraught with tremendous weight gain. New studies show a national average of only 1 pound gained over the entire holiday season. However, the disturbing part of this study suggests that holiday weight gain often remains with the individual over a lifetime, and can contribute to lifelong obesity and all the illness that it can cause. One pound gained and kept over a lifetime of holidays can lead to large weight gain over time. For the winter months this year, Diet Doc offers an improved hCG diet plan to not only prevent holiday weight gain, but to enact the kind of fast weight loss needed for those struggling with obesity to transition into a healthy lifestyle, all before 2014.

For some, holiday dieting may seem counterintuitive, but Diet Doc Weight Loss Plans actually strongly recommends what is referred to as "loading" before beginning their prescription hCG weight loss Diet. Loading for an hCG diet plan allows dieters to avoid the initial energy loss that can occur when beginning a low calorie diet.

The initial loading phase of an hCG diet plan works by building up glycogen and triglyceride stores in the body. Dieters need this initial buildup because once they begin Diet Doc's modified hCG diet plan, allowing restricted caloric intake (up to 1250 daily), carbohydrates are restricted, and without a loaded supply of glycogen, dieters will often become fatigued. These glycogen stores will supply energy to dieters through the initial period that it takes for the body to begin ketones, 2-7 days, as well as preventing metabolic slowdown. As a result of this initial loading phase, the body is able to tap into the storage form of sugar and fat (glycogen and triglycerides) to sustain its self during the first week. Diet Doc offers near continual hCG diets, with a unique system that does not require a rest period between cycles. Diet Doc's 30 day diet plan fits perfectly in between the upcoming fall holidays, and with loading allowed beforehand, clients can begin a Diet Doc hCG diet on Thanksgiving and lose weight before Christmas, capable of producing nearly one pound per day of fast weight loss.

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