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hCGTreatments/Diet Doc hCG Diets & Weight Loss Plans Announces Diet Plans That Empower Patients to Improve Physical and Emotional Health by Safely Losing Excess Weight

By empowering each patient with the shared knowledge of the staff of professional and specially trained fast weight loss experts, Diet Doc has helped thousands alter their life course and improve their physical and emotional health.


Escondido, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/21/2013 -- Many people spend a lifetime attempting to lose unwanted and unhealthy excess weight, trying one fad diet after another, only to regain the original weight. Most people do not understand the dynamics behind safe, rapid and permanent weight loss, which food choices support and promote healthy and long term weight loss and which foods should be avoided to prevent weight gain. Because Diet Doc believes that everyone deserves the opportunity to be in charge of their own health, the professional, specially trained weight loss staff willingly shares their wealth of knowledge with each patient, providing education on which foods are likely to promote fast weight loss and better health and which foods produce unhealthy fat accumulation and weight gain.

Decades of scientific research has enabled Diet Doc to develop the nation’s leading medically supervised prescription hCG diet programs that have helped thousands control their destiny by improving their health with safe and rapid weight loss.

Although the company’s 100% pure prescription hCG treatments help patients over the initial weight loss hurdles, the real key to weight loss success for Diet Doc’s patients is the unlimited support, education, encouragement and guidance that is always available to clients. Each patient works closely with a certified nutritionist to design hCG diet plans that are unique to their individual nutritional needs, assuring that calorie consumption and food choices are adequate to meet their body’s personal nutritional demand. Because the company incorporates a wide range of delicious and healthy food choices with high powered prescription medication, patients find the diet plans interesting and the fast weight loss motivational.

When these diet plans are combined with the medically supervised administration of Diet Doc’s 100% pure prescription hCG, stores of fat are targeted, triggering its release into the bloodstream to be burned as the body’s primary energy source. This dynamic combination turns the body into a fat burning machine, safely and rapidly melting away pounds and inches and leaving patients feeling better with improved self-confidence and looking better than ever before.

Patients are paired with coaches who are available 6 days per week and eager to share support and encouragement throughout each patient’s journey. Scheduled weekly checkup calls allow the professionals to monitor progress and ensure the most comfortable diet experience possible. This level of personal service, not only enables the doctors to quickly identify and resolve any weight loss plateaus, but has propelled Diet Doc to be the nation’s most respected, trusted and reliable medical weight loss plan available on today’s market.

Diet Doc distinguishes itself from its competitors by guiding and supporting each patient’s life changing journey, uniquely designing healthy and delicious hCG diet plans and offering the most potent form of prescription hCG, manufactured in their own fully licensed, United States based, FDA approved pharmacies. Diet Doc has empowered thousands by helping them to shed unhealthy and embarrassing excess fat quickly and safely with their pure prescription hCG diet plans. To enjoy a future of improved physical and emotional health, call the nation’s leader in fast weight loss today to schedule a free and confidential consultation.

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