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hCGTreatments / Diet Doc hCG Diets & Weight Loss Plans Announces hCG Diet Plans and Physician Consultations Available Nationwide with Telemedicine

Diet Doc now offers their highly successful hCG diet plans nationwide via the telemedicine system, allowing patients to confer with physicians across the country without ever leaving home.


Escondido, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/19/2013 -- Telemedicine allows patients who would otherwise not have access to the best health care an opportunity to confer with the top weight loss doctors in the country, all with the ease of making a telephone call or logging on to video conferencing software like Skype. With the advent of telemedicine, patients now have access to the widest range of specialists, allowing them to shop more efficiently for non-emergency healthcare, compare pricing over a much larger region, and receive the best services available nationwide, regardless of their physical location. Diet Doc has fully embraced telemedicine and currently offers the most comprehensive hCG diet plans at the touch of a button via this new technology. Telemedicine allows potential patients in remote areas the opportunity to be evaluated by the leading weight loss physicians in America, receive an exhaustive medical assessment, partake in Diet Doc's prescription hCG diet plans, and even have prescription diet aids like diet pills, diet shakes, MCT oil, and healthy diet foods shipped directly to their door, free from hassle and at the most competitive prices available. Diet Doc's in-house physicians are highly trained in the field of dieting and weight loss, with years of extra education and superlative knowledge of the body's metabolism and other functions that can cause weight gain. President of Diet Doc, Julie Wright adds; "Dieters should not have to resort to whichever physicians are in their neighborhood. Most local physicians are not specially trained in the area of weight loss, because it requires extra schooling. Our in-house doctors have this training along with the required expertise of how to administer it effectively via telemedicine, while local doctors may only have a slight knowledge of how the body gains weight and stores fat."

ABC News reports that "30 million Americans said they have consulted their doctor via e-mail and another 70 million said they wish they could…" However, this report continues to report that only a third of physicians in America actually offer telemedicine. This bodes poorly for consumers, who are largely forced to receive whatever lackluster medical care is available in their town. Furthermore, without options, local physicians are able to overcharge patients due to a lack of alternatives or competition in the marketplace, rendering traditional healthcare largely overpriced. Diet Doc's use of the telemedicine system allows patients to shop for the best priced diet plans, driving American capitalism and ultimately benefitting the patient two-fold; the patient receives superior weight loss consultation for the best available price.

Diet Doc offers the most advanced hCG diet plans, including prescription only hCG diet plans, found to produce weight loss of almost one pound per day, safely and fully monitored by leading weight loss physicians. 97% of patients adhering to the company's prescription hCG diet plans report positive results. In adapting to ever-changing trends and advancing technology, Diet Doc is able to offer the nation's most effective hCG diet plans to all potential patients, without the hassle or expensive costs of walk-in clinics. By operating nationwide via telemedicine, Diet Doc is able to lower operating costs, passing these savings on to every customer, offer a wider variety of products and services, deliver diet supplies directly to each patient's door, and save every client the time and effort associated with scheduling a lengthy walk-in visit to a local clinic, only to be rushed out the door or treated like a number. Diet Doc's physicians combine the reliability and effectiveness of a walk-in doctor visit with the ease of a telephone call, saving patients across the country valuable time, effort, and money.

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