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hCGTreatments / Diet Doc hCG Diets & Weight Loss Plans Reveal New hCG Diet Treatments and Healthy Smoothies for Extreme Weight Loss Results

Diet Doc’s new extreme weight loss programs deliver fast and effective results with hCG diet treatments enhanced with B vitamins for increased energy and healthy smoothies that burn fat and eliminate cravings for processed carbohydrates.


Escondido, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/21/2013 -- Finding the perfect plan for extreme weight loss results may seem impossible because most people in Michigan understand that a single diet program will not be able to address each patient’s individual struggles with weight gain and obesity. Dieters in Michigan are instead searching for programs that incorporate extreme weight loss supplements, like healthy smoothies and weight control bars, with treatments that target specific causes of weight gain and allow them to quickly shed unwanted, excess fat. Diet Doc’s hCG diet plans are created for each client based on their health history and lifestyle preferences. By designing unique programs around the patient’s specific needs and by incorporating fat burning treatments and healthy smoothies, Diet Doc clients not only see fast results, they are able to sustain their weight and manage weight gain in the future.

After completing an extensive, online health questionnaire, patients will speak one-on-one with a highly trained Diet Doc physician. During this confidential consultation, patients will discuss their current battle with weight gain and their goals for future weight management and extreme weight loss. Based on the patient’s specific circumstances, the physician will recommend and prescribe fat burning supplements like healthy smoothies and bars that will control the patient’s cravings for unhealthy foods and increase the rate that patients see fat melting away. In addition to healthy smoothies and bars, and where appropriate for the patient’s extreme weight loss goals, physicians will also prescribe hCG treatments for their hCG diet plans.

hCG is a naturally occurring hormone that mobilizes excess fat storage in pregnant women when a fetus needs immediate nutrition and the mother does not have access to food. When this hormone was isolated in the early 1950s, researchers quickly realized its potential benefits for weight control and began incorporating its use in hCG diet plans. Once patients began their hCG diet plans, they not only saw fast and effective fat elimination from hard to reach areas of the body, they also experienced a decrease in their appetite and were able to reevaluate and reduce the unhealthy foods they were eating that had been causing them to gain weight. Today, Diet Doc continues to use hCG treatments as part of their hCG diet plans in addition to healthy smoothies and bars, but now also offers patients treatments in the form of injections that have been enhanced with vitamin B12 for a boost of energy throughout the day. This new solution continues to produce the same results as treatments used in earlier hCG diet plans, but has been improved with current health and medical research.

Diet Doc understands that, for most people, extreme weight loss results will not come from normal diet change alone and sticking with a diet program can be challenging. Their exclusive protocol, combining supplements like healthy smoothies and bars with fat burning treatments and healthy meal plans, has helped thousands of patients lose weight fast and maintain their weight over time. And, by creating extreme weight loss plans specifically for each patient’s personal needs, patients are more likely to maintain their diet program because they will not experience the negative side effects associated with many other diet plans.

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