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hCGTreatments / Diet Doc hCG Diets & Weight Loss Plans Announces New hCG Diets That Allow Initial Calorie Loading to Help Prevent Hunger

Researchers at Diet Doc have found that an initial period of calorie loading is the most effective way to build up glycogen stores in the muscle, preventing excessive hunger and muscle loss during its low calorie hCG diet plans.


Escondido, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/04/2013 -- With summer on the horizon, dieters are clamoring for the best way to lose weight naturally. A Diet Doc hCG diet plan allows dieters to lose weight fast and naturally, and with two days of allowed calorie loading, dieters are experiencing fewer side effects associated with a low calorie diet. Before beginning Diet Doc's hCG plans, clients must load up on low fat, low carbohydrate calories for two days in order to prevent lethargy during the subsequent period of low caloric intake. Phase II marks the beginning of lower caloric intake during an hCG diet plan. This 750-1250 calorie diet plan can cause some dieters to feel run down due to the body’s initial reaction to lifestyle change.

Before beginning this phase, the first two days of Diet Doc’s medically supervised diets involve consuming lean calories in order to build up glycogen stores in the muscle, allowing dieters to embark on a low calorie diet without fighting challenging between-meal hunger. Each phase of the hCG diet plan is tailored around the patient’s individual bodily factors; thus, a Diet Doc physician may recommend different caloric goals during the loading phase for different patients. The average loading phase, or Phase I of the hCG diet consists of consuming approximately 3000 calories. This will prevent lethargy during the first week of dieting, as the body transitions into reduced caloric intake.

Just in time for summer, Diet Doc offers an improved hCG diet plan to not only prevent winter weight gain, but to enact the kind of fast weight loss needed for those struggling to get into shape for bikini season need to produce real results, quickly. Now the transition into a healthy lifestyle and slimmer jeans is easy and free from harsh side effects like lethargy, metabolic fluctuation, and mental dullness. The initial loading phase of an hCG diet plan prevents lethargy by building up glycogen and triglyceride stores in the body. Dieters need this initial buildup because once they begin a modified, low calorie hCG diet, allowing only restricted caloric intake (up to 1250 daily), carbohydrates are limited, and without a loaded supply of glycogen, dieters will often become fatigued or mentally dull.

These preventative energy stores are instrumental in propelling dieters through the initial period that it takes for the body to begin ketosis, its optimal fat burning state occurring between the first 2-7 days, as well as prevent metabolic slowdown or starvation mode. As a result of this initial loading phase, the body is able to tap into the storage form of sugar and fat (glycogen and triglycerides) to sustain its self during the first week as it transitions into ketosis. Diet Doc offers medically supervised diets for as long as it takes to remove the entirety of extra weight. Patients can participate in the hCG diet plan safe in the knowledge that every miniscule detail has been considered by expert weight loss physicians and nutritionists. Patients who participate in the Diet Doc medically supervised diet experience the best weight loss short of liposuction, averaging over one pound per day from the most difficult to target areas on the body.

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