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hCGTreatments / Diet Doc hCG Diets & Weight Loss Announce Improved hCG Diet Plans Reducing the Risk of Weight Related Hearing Loss with Fast Weight Loss

Diet Doc provides an improved hCG diet plan, providing fast weight loss nationwide which has been found to reduce the risk of hearing loss.


Escondido, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/19/2013 -- Hearing health is not commonly discussed amongst weight loss professionals; however, carrying excess weight can affect the health of the ears, resulting in irreversible damage and hearing loss. The inner ear is a complex and delicate system of semi-circular fluid-filled tubes and nerve endings. The auditory hair cells, located within the inner ear, are sensory receptors and responsible for detecting sound. As reported on Daily Mail, because this intricate system relies heavily on healthy blood flow and oxygen, being obese can restrict the flow of blood, placing a huge strain on the walls of the capillaries, making it difficult for the hair cells to efficiently perform their duties. High blood pressure, a direct result of obesity, can also increase the risk of developing hearing loss. Symptoms of high blood pressure may include tinnitus, or ringing in the ears, and sensitivity to noise, which increases the risk for developing noise-induced hearing loss. Because the hair cells in the inner ear are not capable of regenerating, damaged hair cells result in permanent hearing loss.

Diet Doc has designed the nation’s leading medically supervised prescription hCG diet plans by combining decades of scientific research with the professional expertise and knowledge of board certified fast weight loss physicians, nurses and nutritionists. Thousands of Diet Doc patients have improved their physical and emotional health by losing weight quickly and safely with the company’s uniquely designed and personalized prescription hCG diet plans. The professionals at Diet Doc are committed to smoothly guiding patients through each phase of the fast weight loss experience while teaching clients how to sustain their natural balanced weight in the future.

To qualify for the prescription hCG diet plan, prospective patients need only to successfully complete a medical evaluation and free doctor consultation. Based on gender, age, medical history, lifestyle and activity level, certified nutritionists will design diet plans unique to each patient. These prescription only hCG diet plans are rich in essential nutrients, while incorporating a wide range of delicious food choices to maintain interest while promoting rapid weight loss to sustain motivation.

The administration of only medically supervised prescription hCG, never illegal and ineffective homeopathic hCG, combined with the personalized diet plans, promotes natural, safe and fast weight loss while avoiding the typical dieting side effects, such as between meal cravings or loss of energy.

Diet Doc patients are losing weight quickly, looking better and feeling better than ever before while reducing their risk of a host of weight related diseases and conditions, including irreversible hearing loss. Following the uniquely developed, medically supervised and monitored prescription hCG diet encourages healthy weight loss while promoting great eating habits which leads to a more active and more rewarding future.

By providing 100% pure prescription hCG, customized hCG diet plans and a level of service unsurpassed by competitors, Diet Doc has become the most reliable and trusted prescription fast weight loss company in the country and has helped thousands improve their health by losing unwanted, unhealthy and embarrassing excess fat.

The utilization of the most current technology enables Diet Doc to reach those patients in the even most remote locations in the country. Interested patients that do not have access to, or find it difficult, to attend a weight loss clinic in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania, can simply call Diet Doc to schedule a complimentary and confidential telephone consultation. Everyone that needs to lose unhealthy and embarrassing excess fat is encouraged to call today.

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