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hCGTreatments / Diet Doc hCG Diets and Weight Loss Plans Announces Advanced Diet Plans Designed to Promote Fast Weight Loss Without Strenuous Exercise Regimens

Diet Doc discourages vigorous and strenuous exercise workouts while following the hCG diet plan and has designed guidelines specific to Diet Doc dieters.


Escondido, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/06/2013 -- Obesity occurs when more calories are consumed than the body is capable of burning. Does this mean that after a scrumptious meal, one must run to the nearest gym for hours of excruciating and strenuous exercise to avoid the risk of becoming obese? Absolutely not. While exercise has definite proven benefits to the body, some may find it impossible to endure grueling exercise regimens. The beauty of Diet Doc's medically supervised prescription hCG diet plans is that sweaty workouts are not necessary and, in fact, the specialists at Diet Doc request that patients refrain from strenuous exercise during dieting.

Vigorous workouts, while practicing a low calorie diet, have been found to trick the body into believing that it is starving, which then triggers the metabolism to slow down, drastically reducing the weight loss process. For this reason, it is critical to avoid arduous exercise regimens until weight loss goals have been achieved. Although Diet Doc's modernized version of the original hCG diet allows increased caloric intake, this is still not sufficient to support demanding workout routines. Diet Doc recommends participating in limited and moderate exercise, such as brisk walking, Pilates, yoga , T-Tap or callanetics, all of which are designed to tone the entire body while tightening the hips, buttocks, and thighs. Clients will find that this light to moderate exercise protocol is suitable for almost any lifestyle, even for those dieters with limited physical mobility.

By improving and redesigning the hCG diet originating in the 1950s when Dr. A.T.W. Simeons discovered that the hormone was effective in producing fast weight loss, Diet Doc now offers the leading modernized version of this diet. Unlike Simeons' original diet, the modified version allows patients to consume up to 1250 delicious and healthy calories per day, offering pure prescription strength hCG that has been reformulated to include energy boosting Vitamin B12, alleviating the typical fatigue and sluggishness associated with dieting. hCG, when administered in conjunction with nutritionist-designed and personalized diet plans, has the ability to trigger the release of stored fat into the bloodstream. The body calls upon and burns these fat reserves when energy is needed resulting in the loss of pounds and inches, typically in the most difficult to lose areas such as the hips, thighs and belly.

Diet Doc has guided thousands down the road toward better health by losing excess weight and continues to lead competitors in medically supervised diet plans. Customized hCG weight loss plans will be designed for those that are struggling to lose that difficult last 10 pounds to those needing to lose 100 pounds or more without demanding exercise routines. At a fraction of the cost of most diet plans, and without the potential risks of invasive weight loss surgery, Diet Doc makes weight loss affordable to almost everyone. Diet Doc Weight Loss Plans is available for consultation nationwide via telephone or Skype, providing medically directed and safe weight loss to anyone that needs it.

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