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hCGTreatments / Diet Doc hCG Diets & Weight Loss Plans Offers New hCG Diet Plans to Keep Dieters Engaged

Diet Doc now offers individualized hCG diet plans designed to keep dieters engaged with real results, counteracting common diet pitfalls that can cause dieters to lose interest and abandon the diet.


Escondido, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/27/2013 -- People will try anything to lose weight fast, but most diets are not successful because they lack one thing, the ability to provide true results for their users. Dieters encounter many dieting pitfalls during their weight loss journey, which if not addressed by the diet provider often leads to abandonment. Diet Doc offers its new hCG diet plans that provide the level of service and consultation required to help clients avoid the common pitfalls of dieting, which can lead dieters to give up on fast weight loss. What other medical weight loss providers do not realize is that keeping patients interested is perhaps the most important factor associated with achieving results.

Dedication to weight loss or specific fad diets will most often surge initially, but just as often dieters lose interest and abandon the diet before any true results can be attained. There are several reasons for this loss of desire. As Yahoo health examines, common reasons that people lose interest in diets and give up are: lack of commitment, the expectation of miracles, having a non-sustainable diet plan, and not being able to move past slip-ups. All of these common diet pitfalls lead to people abandoning their diets without ever truly losing any weight, or even worse, losing a little weight but eventually putting back on more pounds than were lost. A common thread among the world's leading diets is their ability to keep the dieter interested and engaged. In this interest, Diet Doc creates an individualized nutrition plan for each client to be used in conjunction with extremely effective prescription hCG treatments. In providing results, Diet Doc has discovered that the most powerful motivator is realizing true results, quickly. Once clients realize how fast weight melts off with a Diet Doc hCG Diet, their desire, the most important dieting tool, is greatly bolstered.

A customized hCG diet from Diet Doc is specifically designed to counteract each patient's individual factors that have affected weight gain, addressing common dieting mistakes with physician developed and monitored diet plans, and weekly follow-ups from a weight loss consultant. These measures are specifically designed to counteract the top 4 dieting pitfalls outlined above, each specifically designed to help clients lose weight fast and remain steadfast during a long dieting process. The hCG diet from Diet Doc now allows up to 1200 calories daily, which lowers between meal cravings and chances of overindulging. Once patients realize that they will not go hungry on the hCG diet, they overwhelmingly maintain their commitment. Furthermore, to address the need for a sustainable diet plan, Diet Doc has scientifically increased the length of time that patients can remain on the hCG diet. Other hCG diets allow for 20 or 40 day cycles, but clients on the Diet Doc hCG diet can remain on it until they achieve their weight loss goals.

Diet Doc is restoring faith in dieting, one patient at a time, providing an unrivaled level of service and products to patients nationwide via the Telemedicine system. This allows clients to contact Diet Doc 6 days out of the week, another essential element to retaining commitment. Patients first consult with a Diet Doc physician who assesses their weight loss needs before prescribing hCG. Next Diet Doc's nutritionists individually customize a prescription hCG diet plan of up to 1200 calories daily that allows clients to lose weight fast. After these initial consultations, clients regularly consult with weight loss nurses, doctors, and pharmaceutical specialists throughout the entire process. The company recently conducted a survey of the larger hCG doctor clinics across the USA and found its hCG diet plans to be lower in price, yet offer more services and products. Diet Doc Medical Director, Dr. Nishant Rao says that "Diet Doc provides medically supervised patient care to people across the USA. We provide a collaborative approach to dieting, which is labor intensive, but ultimately much more effective." With so many new options to aid fast weight loss, Diet Doc assures that clients will avoid the common pitfalls of dieting that frequently lead to diet abandonment.

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