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Escondido, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/12/2013 -- When trying to reach best weight loss goals, most people understand that eating healthy foods and incorporating exercise into daily routines will help them lose weight fast. But, a new study indicates that exercising portion control, and understanding what an appropriate portion size looks like, is behavior and information that escapes many people. Diet Doc’s hCG diets consider that their clients are not necessarily educated on proper nutrition, caloric intake for best weight loss or portion control and employ highly trained physicians, nurses and certified nutritionists to design meal plans filled with healthy foods while also educating patients on the importance of eating the right foods.

This new study, performed by researchers with Cornell University and reported on by Medical News Today, set out to determine how food labeling affects the amount of food that subjects consume. Study participants were divided into two groups and were offered a choice between one cup and two cups of pasta. The first group’s one cup was labeled as “half size” and the two cup was labeled as “regular” while group two’s one cup was labeled as “regular” and the two cup was labeled as “double size.” The results showed that when served identical large portions, subjects ate much more when it was labeled as “regular” than when it was labeled as “double size” portions.

This study suggests that consumers’ waistlines and best weight loss goals would benefit from uniform portion sizes at restaurants, but it also shows that people are unaware of what a portion size of healthy food is supposed to look like. Diet Doc understands that being educated on proper nutrition and portion size is imperative to reaching best weight loss goals, so they developed their hCG diet plans to incorporate patient education on healthy foods and counseling on nutritious meal plans.

Completely changing current eating habits to attain best weight loss can be challenging, so Diet Doc offers their patients unlimited consultations with their expert weight management team and also incorporates potent appetite suppressants into their hCG diets. After an initial physician consultation, the patient will begin working closely with certified nutritionists to design a meal plan that is filled with healthy foods but also works around the patient’s age, gender, health history, lifestyle and food preferences. In addition to developing meal and snack plans, the nutritionist will also spend time with the patient educating them on the nutritional value of foods and on which healthy foods the patient should be eating during their hCG diets to get essential elements and minerals. Diet Doc clients will learn which healthy foods are low in calories, processed sugars and unhealthy fats but are high in protein and will leave them feeling full and satisfied. The goal is for patients to acquire skills and knowledge for healthy eating during hCG diets and carry that information into the future to maintain their weight over time.

With their uniquely designed weight management protocol, Diet Doc’s hCG diets have successfully helped thousands of patients achieve their best weight loss. And, where most fad diets fail, Diet Doc’s hCG diets succeed in educating their clients on the importance of healthy foods, proper nutrition and portion sizes so that Diet Doc patients do not see a return of the weight that they were successful in losing.

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