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hCGTreatments / Diet Doc hCG Diets & Weight Loss Plans Releases New Best Weight Loss Treatments That Burn Belly Fat and Work Seamlessly with hCG Diets

Diet Doc’s hCG diets now offer clients best weight loss treatments that burn belly fat, and fat in other hard to reach areas, to combat the extreme obesity rates that have steadily increased over the past thirty years, according to a new study.


Escondido, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/05/2013 -- As reported in the annual “F as in Fat” report released by the Trust for America’s Health and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, best weight loss efforts appear to be paying off with obesity rates plateauing throughout the United States. But, one concerning group of statistics proves that further work is necessary to burn belly fat and help Americans lose weight fast. According to this new report, the amount of adults who are extremely obese has steadily increased over the past thirty years and this increase puts those who are extremely overweight and obese at a dangerously high risk for weight-related illnesses and diseases. Fortunately, Diet Doc’s hCG diets provide those trying to reach their best weight loss goals with a fast and easy way to burn belly fat and fat from other hard to reach areas of their body. Through a combination of exclusive treatments and healthy meal plans, Diet Doc’s hCG diets have helped thousands of people quickly shed unwanted and embarrassing excess fat.

While recent news headlines suggests that obesity levels among adults appears to be holding steady, within these statistics there has also been a dramatic rise in extreme obesity among adults and children. Those who are classified as extremely obese have gained weight in excess of one hundred pounds and, as researchers recently found, the percentage of extremely obese individuals in the United States has climbed over the last three decades from 1.4% in the late 1970s to 6.3% between 2009 and 2010. As Jeffrey Levi, Executive Director for the Trust for America’s Health, explained to Reuters, "As long as we continue to see those increases in extreme obesity, I think we need to be worried." Taking the first step to burn belly fat and begin moving toward best weight loss goals can be daunting, which is why Diet Doc created their hCG Diets. Clients choosing to utilize the unique protocol prescribed by hCG diets will begin seeing rapid results with some patients losing up to almost a pound per day.

hCG is a naturally occurring hormone that is produced by pregnant women and acts as a protective barrier to the growing fetus. By mobilizing excess stored fatty tissue and directing it to the fetus, hCG provides necessary nutrients when the mother does not have immediate access to food. When this hormone is used as a best weight loss tool in Diet Doc’s hCG diets, it continues to mobilize excess fat, but instead of directing it to a fetus, hCG effectively flushes that fat from the patient’s body. Researchers found that the hCG used in hCG diet plans target fat in hard to reach areas of the patient’s body and is able to burn belly fat, thigh fat and underarm fat quickly and safely. Those clients struggling with embarrassing extra stomach fat see immediate results once beginning their hCG treatments and have been amazed at how quickly they are able to burn belly fat.

Diet Doc’s best weight loss plans were created to help all patients in Nashville and across the United States, from those looking to slightly reduce their weight to those who are extremely obese, and are developed around the patient’s own personal needs and health history. Patients in Nashville are able to burn belly fat and quickly reach their best weight loss goals without any negative side effects or harmful consequences because the Diet Doc team consistently monitors patient progress and provides unlimited guidance and support throughout their program.

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