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hCGTreatments / Diet Doc hCG Diets & Weight Loss Plans Announces Medically Guided Diet Plans Designed to Boost Confidence by Losing Embarrassing Excess Fat

Diet Doc’s medically supervised prescription hCG diet plans are designed to gently guide dieters toward safe and successful weight loss leading to improved health and bolstered self-confidence.


Escondido, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/13/2013 -- Diet Doc's prescription hCG diet plans help to balance essential hormones by helping patients follow a healthy diet. This new approach to fast weight loss has resulted in thousands of dieters, who have been unsuccessful in losing weight in the past, safely, naturally and rapidly losing embarrassing excess weight resulting in improved health and boosted confidence levels.

Diet Doc has isolated the most essential elements of the original 1950s version of the hCG diet, discovered by Dr. Simeons to promote fast weight loss when following a diet restricted to 500 calories per day in combination with low doses of the powerful hCG hormone, to create a new, improved diet plan that is safer and more effective in promoting natural and healthy weight loss. Making improvements and modifications to the original diet, Diet Doc now offers all-inclusive diet plans, providing patients with uniquely designed diet meal plans and medically supervised doses of pure, prescription hCG. The nutrient rich, new and improved plans offer patients a less restrictive diet with an increased allowable caloric intake of more than double that of the original outdated 1950s diet and incorporating a wider range of delicious and healthy food choices into the menu. Dieters find that the custom made diet plans maintain interest while the rapid weight loss sustains motivation and boost confidence levels in patients around the country.

Subsequent to a detailed medical evaluation, followed by a doctor consult, both of which can be accomplished from the comfort of the patient's own home by picking up the phone or logging onto the computer, personalized diet plans are created by certified nutritionists that are uniquely tailored in order to achieve optimal weight loss based on each patient's lifestyle, medical history and nutritional needs. These nutrient rich diet plans are complemented with Diet Doc’s 100% pure prescription hCG, which is made available in three easy to use and convenient varieties; painless injectable solution, sublingual tablets and oral hCG drops. Because of the convenience of painless injectable hCG solution, combined with the hormones’ ability to produce more rapid weight loss while naturally suppressing the appetite and preventing muscle loss during dieting, this method of hCG delivery continues to be the most popular among patients.

The powerful combination of Diet Doc’s 100% pure prescription hCG and the uniquely designed and patient specific diet plans signals the brain to target stores of trapped fat, releasing this old fat into the bloodstream to be burned as the primary source of energy. This old fat is typically trapped in the cells of the body in the areas of the belly, underarms, hips and thighs. Patients that follow the prescription hCG diet plan protocol are reporting the rapid and very noticeable loss of pounds and inches in these most difficult areas leaving patients looking and feeling more confident than ever before.

Dieters are labeling Diet Doc’s prescription hCG diet plans the best method of losing excess weight and are boasting rapid weight loss without experiencing the typical between meal hunger or energy loss. In fact, because injectable hCG solution is enhanced with energy-boosting Vitamin B12, most patients are reporting an increase in energy while dieting. Dieters are never alone during the journey to enjoy a healthier and more active lifestyle by losing excess weight. With scheduled weekly communication, each diet experience is medically supervised, monitored, guided and encouraged by compassionate and dedicated fast weight loss experts who are available 6 days per week via email or phone.

Diet Doc urges anyone who has been unsuccessful in fast weight loss in the past to call today. Get ready to look better, feel better and feel more confident by joining the thousands of satisfied clients that have successfully and safely lost excess pounds and inches by following the nation's leading medically supervised prescription hCG diet plans.

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