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hCGTreatments / Diet Doc hCG Diets & Weight Loss Plans Reveal the Best Medical Weight Loss and hCG Diet Treatments to Help Dieters Quickly Lose Weight

Diet Doc researchers have just announced the release of their new hCG diet treatments, the nation’s leading medical weight loss supplements, that allow dieters the ability to quickly shed excess fat.


Escondido, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/21/2013 -- Many celebrities are under immense pressure to lose weight following pregnancy or for other reasons. And, while most dieters in America are not as well-known as reality stars, they still have desires to quickly regain their pre-baby, or pre-weight gain, figure. Fortunately, Diet Doc’s medical weight loss programs offer individualized hCG diet programs that cater to the needs of all dieters, from those looking to lose as few as ten pounds to those looking to lose a bit more weight. Their exclusive medical weight loss programs utilize prescription strength hCG diet treatments, along with health and nutrition counseling and professional meal planning, to help dieters all across the country learn how to reach their initial fat loss goals and eventually maintain their weight over time.

Whatever the causes of weight gain, Diet Doc’s weight management experts are able to create a medical weight loss program around the dieter’s specific needs. Unlike their competitors, Diet Doc’s medical weight loss team dedicates time to designing a total health program and begins with isolating the dieter’s specific causes of weight gain, such as an internal imbalance, improperly functioning internal organs or emotional overeating. Where competitors simply dole out hCG diet treatments, Diet Doc works with patients to create a program that offers lasting results.

Each potential patient will first consult with a Diet Doc physician to determine whether he or she is a good candidate for a medical weight loss program. During this initial consultation, the patient will receive diet aid recommendations and a one-year prescription for exclusive hCG diet treatments, supplements and diet pills. Because Diet Doc is dedicated to providing their clients only the highest quality of ingredients, all of their hCG diet supplements, and other treatments, are produced in their own, United States based and fully licensed pharmacies. While competitors often produce their treatments in overseas pharmacies, where health care regulations may be more relaxed, Diet Doc is committed to ensuring their products meet the strictest health care standards.

Celebrities also have nutritionists at their disposal to assist them in creating healthy meals. Diet Doc considered this when developing their hCG diet programs and now offer their clients unlimited consultations with certified nutritionists who will create a meal and snack plan around their age, gender, health history and lifestyle and food preferences. Access to this level of health care and weight management should not be limited to celebrities and Diet Doc ensures that, six days per week, clients are able to consult with physicians, nurses and nutritionists to ask questions or to simply receive guidance and support during their medical weight loss journey.

The personalized approach to medical weight loss allows dieters access to the same health care for weight management that celebrities have, and have already helped thousands of dieters quickly shed excess, embarrassing weight gain. These results have helped to make Diet Doc programs the nation’s leader in medically supervised fat loss.

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