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Diet Doc Announces Clinically Advanced Diet That Works in Lieu of Weight Loss Surgery

Weight loss surgery can include complications like gastric trauma and infection. An hCG diet from Diet Doc produces equal results without painful complications and serious risk of infection.


Escondido, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/12/2012 -- Gastric Bypass surgery has recently been click my link by the Cleveland clinic as one of the top 10 medical innovations of 2013. Diet Doc warns consumers that while gastric bypass surgery is a viable option for those trying to lose weight, it does still carry with it inherent risk and exorbitant costs. With the value of information intrinsic, Diet Doc releases comparative studies to help dieters choose the best available option for them. Diet Doc reminds clients that before considering invasive surgery, they should become familiar with every weight loss plan available and make an educated decision based on effectiveness, safety, and possible side effects associated with each diet plan.

A study of insurance claims of 2522 patients that underwent bariatric surgery revealed that 21.9% of patients experienced complications during the initial hospital stay and a total of 40% had a risk of complications in the subsequent 180 days. While advancements in medicine remain swift, so do complications associated with medical procedures. Serious infections like MRSA continue to be a concern, and so are the costs of expensive surgeries. Lap band surgery can cost up to $30,000.

As a weight loss accelerator, prescription hCG has been used effectively since 1954 to produce fast results. Since its inception, the hCG diet has little to no reported side effects, unlike risky surgeries. A Prescription hCG diet plan used in conjunction with reduced caloric intake is proven to produce fast weight loss, at par or better than bariatric surgery without the risky and common complications associated with invasive procedures. Bariatric surgery involves invasive medical procedures which often lead to complications. An individualized prescription hCG diet from Diet Doc costs a few hundred dollars, but produces the same results as surgery without any of the side effects.

Diet Doc offers an hCG diet that enables patients to lose, on average, a pound of stubborn fat per day in the most difficult to affect areas like underarms, midsection, and thighs, but without any of the side effects associated with dangerous surgery. Even with improvements in medicine and procedures, gastric bypass surgery still requires incisions and recuperation time, along with uncomfortable gastro-intestinal trauma and risk of infection. Diet Doc CEO Julie Write asserts that "patients can achieve the exact same benefits; i.e., prevention against future contraction of diabetes, healthy loss of weight, healthier eating habits, and everything else that accompanies healthy and safe results with a medically supervised hCG diet." While on Diet Doc's hCG diet, patients are able to consume up to 1200 calories daily without hunger cravings, but most importantly, without extremely invasive and unsafe medical procedures.

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