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Diet Doc hCG Diets & Weight Loss Plans Offers Proven hCG Diet to Reduce and Manage Snoring and Respiratory Problems

The Diet Doc hCG diet effectively targets unnecessary body fat to reduce the prevalence of snoring and respiratory problems while achieving rapid weight loss.


Escondido, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/18/2013 -- Over the past three decades, obesity has increased at a staggering rate and is now considered a global epidemic. Respiratory problems associated with obesity can occur when unnecessary and excess body weight squeezes the lungs and causes breathing restrictions. Diet Doc recognized the significance of Dr. A.T.W. Simeon’s breakthrough discovery of the hCG hormone and used his fifty-year-old research to create the most modernized and safe hCG diet available today. Today’s hCG diet uses modern science and technology to effectively remove difficult fat stores that can be unresponsive to normal diet and exercise. As overweight and obese patients are generally at a higher risk for snoring and respiratory problems, the Diet Doc and the hCG diet now offers patients the ability to reduce the prevalence of sleep disordered breathing while achieving fast weight loss. The ability to lose weight fast not only increases quality of sleep, it increases quality of life as well.

In a cross sectional study of 349 subjects classified into low normal, high normal, pre-obese and obese groups, researchers from the BRD Medical College in Gorakhpur, India considered whether achieving lower body mass through weight loss would effectively reduce snoring. Researchers, Swati Jain, Rishabh Mishra and AK Singh, noted that people with high body mass are at a greater risk for snoring, sleep apnea and various other sleep disorders. They also pointed out that excess fat deposits in the upper airway and stomach might result in reduced openings in the lungs and collapsing airways, which can lead to snoring and other respiratory issues. The researchers concluded that even modest weight loss was effective in managing and reducing snoring and sleep disordered breathing.

In comparing the low normal and high normal groups with the pre-obese and obese groups, Jain, Rishabh and Sing determined that snoring habits were statistically significant and drastically more common in the pre-obese and obese groups. However, in comparing the pre-obese with the obese group, they determined that snoring habits were not significantly different. This finding seemed to indicate that minor weight loss, even as little as to bring an obese person down to the pre-obese range is not enough to impact snoring and obese patients would require moderate to significant weight loss, bringing them into the normal body mass groups to relieve their respiratory problems.

hCG, human chorionic gonadotropin, is a naturally occurring hormone that has been used for weight loss assistance for over fifty years. The hCG hormone is present in high levels during pregnancy and directs nutrients to the developing fetus through the stored fat supplies of the mother while leaving the mother’s muscle and structural fat intact. It was the observation of this process by Dr. Simeons in 1954 that led to the idea that patients could benefit from a very low dose of the hormone and the discovery of hCG as a weight loss tool. Only Diet Doc hCG diet plans can be adhered to until all weight is lost, making it faster and more effective than outdated 23 or 40 hCG diet cycles. When taken in concert with Diet Doc’s individually designed nutrition plans, this improved hCG protocol effectively removes excess body fat while preserving muscle mass. The hCG diet combines a small dose of the hCG hormone with a low calorie diet to provide safe, effective weight loss to all patients.

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