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Diet Doc’s prescription hCG fast & natural weight loss plans offers a clinically superior program specifically designed to fight obesity, emphasizing the importance of making healthy food choices to enjoy long term health and weight maintenance.


Escondido, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/12/2013 -- In the 1950s, Dr. A.T.W. Simeons developed the original hCG diet plans that incorporated low doses of hCG, a hormone that is naturally produced in the placenta of pregnant women, and extremely low calorie diet plans. This union was found to enable the brain to trigger old, stored and trapped fat to be released into the bloodstream to be used as the body’s primary energy source resulting in very rapid weight loss for patients. Simeons’ followers did lose weight; however, the 500-calorie per day diet posed serious and significant health consequences.

Decades of scientific research has allowed Diet Doc to modify and modernize the original outdated hCG diet, enabling the company to offer a safe, more effective method of rapidly losing excess weight by combining 100% pure prescription hCG that is manufactured in the U.S. in FDA approved pharmacies, with diet plans that are professionally designed by certified nutritionists who are formally educated in the science of healthy, fast and natural weight loss. The newly modified hCG diets offer an increased caloric intake, as well as only pure hCG, made available to clients by prescription and only subsequent to a detailed medical evaluation and doctor consultation to assure that the prescription hCG diet is the most advantageous diet alternative and will provide each patient with the safest and most successful weight loss possible.

Prescription hCG is made available to approved clients in three easy to use, convenient varieties. Painless injectable hCG solution remains the most preferred method among patients; however, sublingual tablets and oral hCG drops are also made available. In addition to the convenience of injectable prescription hCG solution, this powerful hormone has the ability to naturally suppress the appetite while preventing muscle loss during dieting. Because injectable prescription hCG is enhanced with energy boosting Vitamin B12, patients are losing excess weight rapidly without suffering the typical dieting side effects of between meal cravings and loss of energy.

In addition to the uniquely designed and personalized diet plans and prescription hCG, new Diet Doc patients will receive a 30-day supply of delicious weight loss shakes, specifically created to complement the hCG diet plan, weight loss cooking oil that has been clinically proven to burn fat, a 30-day supply of test strips for urine testing to document the fat burning rate and a recipe book featuring over 50 deliciously nutritious, easy to prepare recipes.

Because each patient’s diet experience is personal to Diet Doc, weekly consults will be scheduled to monitor fast weight loss progress, as well as assure that each patient continues to lose weight safely and comfortably. This intimate relationship allows the doctors to identify weight loss plateaus and to quickly resolve any barriers that may be preventing fast weight loss. Nurses, nutritionists and coaches are available to each patient 6 days per week via phone or email to address any questions and to lend very important support, guidance and encouragement during each patient’s transition to a slimmer body and improved health.

By utilizing the most current technology, Diet Doc has the ability to reach those patients in even the most remote locations in the country. By simply dialing the phone or logging onto the computer, patients can begin the journey to a slimmer, sexier and healthier body, all from the comfort of their own home, making fast, safe and natural weight loss available to everyone.

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