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hCGTreatments / Diet Doc hCG Diets & Weight Loss Plans Reveal Secrets to Rapid Weight Loss by Following a Simple Diet and Combining Powerful hCG Diet Treatments

Diet Doc’s hCG diet plans help dieters achieve rapid weight loss with their intensive diet program followed by powerful hCG treatments that suppress cravings and target stored body fat and extensive counseling on proper nutrition.


Escondido, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/03/2014 -- While millions of television viewers are still stunned over the winning results of a nationally televised rapid weight loss program, many of those same viewers are also ready to begin a rapid weight loss program of their own. For nearly a decade, Diet Doc’s hCG diet programs have been using an initial diet to spur fat elimination and then provide dieters with hCG diet treatments and nutrition education to help them reach a healthy weight then sustain that weight over time. The initial diet plan will introduce dieters across the nation to a new, healthier way of living through a specially trained and licensed network of doctors, nurses and nutritionists who will remain by each client’s side throughout their journey to a slimmer, sexier figure.

Diet Doc is one of the few hCG diet programs who have taken the steps necessary to update and modernize their rapid weight loss programs, supplements and diet pills. While other, competing companies continue to rely on the outdated original research from the 1950s, Diet Doc has invested time and resources into their diet program and nutritional education so that their clients can achieve the rapid weight loss they desire without any harmful consequences or negative side effects.

Because competitor companies have refused to modernize their hCG diet treatments, they, instead, encourage their customers to follow a dangerously low, 500-calorie per day, diet in order to lose weight. Diet Doc understands the serious health consequences posed by this unnecessary and risky calorie restriction and used today’s advanced scientific research to increase the potency and efficacy of their hCG diet treatments. Diet Doc clients, therefore, are able to quickly and easily lose weight while consuming a caloric intake of almost double that of other hCG diet programs.

And, unlike other diet plans, Diet Doc is a completely legitimate, legal and effective medically supervised weight loss program designed to not only provide dieters with rapid weight loss, but also to help dieters sustain their weight loss over time for an improved weight-related quality of life. Unfortunately, many other hCG diet companies are manufacturing and marketing illegal homeopathic treatments that contain levels of active ingredients too low to produce any real, effective rapid weight loss results. Diet Doc, on the other hand, is dedicated to the health and safety of each client and only utilizes pure, prescription grade hCG as part of their diet plans and rapid weight loss programs.

Dieters across the U.S. also appreciate that Diet Doc offers their services completely in the comfort and privacy of the client’s own home. Once ready to begin the hCG diet, dieters only need to make a quick phone call and will speak with a licensed doctor about their treatment options. And, throughout their program, dieters will have unlimited consultations, six days per week, with a network of doctors, nurses and nutritionists. Should a client have questions about their diet or be looking for suggestions for healthy food options, these weight management experts are available to provide their support and guidance.

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