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hCGTreatments / Diet Doc hCG Diets & Weight Loss Plans Announces New Milestone in Weight Loss; over 34,000 Patients Served

Diet Doc has helped over 34,000 clients lose weight with medically supervised programs aimed at balancing metabolic rate, curbing hunger, and initiating long term health through better dietary habits.


Escondido, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/23/2013 -- Diet Doc’s prescription hCG diet plans have reached a new milestone, aiding over 34,000 patients in achieving improved health through weight loss. Diet Doc has been helping clients lose weight naturally and safely for over a decade, generating over one million pounds of total weight lost and battling the obesity epidemic with a prescription hCG diet focused on providing healthy long term results. A Diet Doc hCG diet plan naturally signals the body to begin burning fat in the most stubborn areas, what is referred to as abnormal fat, considered so due to the body’s inability to easily access it for energy. A Diet Doc supervised hCG diet plan allows clients to consume fewer daily calories without experiencing hunger. This is due to the ability of pure hCG treatments to mobilize abnormal fat stores, giving the body an easy and readily accessible source of energy.

Diet Doc tailors their hCG diets to the individual, resetting metabolic rate and balancing nutrition for a healthy and sustainable weight loss. The hCG diet is specifically designed to naturally help the body re-balance metabolism, burn abnormal body fat, and the most important when considering lowered caloric intake diets, retain muscle mass. The medically designed hCG diet plan produces fast weight loss via lowered caloric intake, but unlike those who rely only on calorie reduction, the Diet Doc program utilizes prescription hCG treatments to better help clients lose weight fast, safely, and naturally.

For over a decade, Diet Doc has been continually improving their weight loss protocol. One of the company’s most important advancements of the outdated hCG diet, originally introduced in the ‘50s, is the allowance of increased caloric intake (up to 1250 daily) without compromising the diet’s effectiveness. Each patient is individually evaluated, after which a diet plan is customized to the patient’s nutritional and physiological needs. Unlimited physician, nurse, and staff consultations are offered to every patient, available 6 days per week with leading physicians and weight loss experts.

Diet Doc has utilized the latest nutritional science to create a fully supervised, medically created and monitored hCG diet plan that is rich in essential nutrients, allowing clients the opportunity to increase daily caloric intake to 1250 calories per day, and is still effective at producing consistent results. As a result, the company has hit a milestone, with over 34,000 satisfied patients, with over a 98% success rate.

About Diet Doc
Diet Doc provides exhaustive medical consultation to each client before any dietary change is made, thoroughly evaluating every client for initial health and wellbeing. The company will only prescribe treatments to clients after an initial physician consultation where the client's individual health factors like age, lifestyle, gender, physical fitness, and weight loss goals are considered. After this physician consultation, which takes place easily over the telephone or via Skype, Diet Doc continues to offer unlimited support for every patient, contacting each weekly to monitor progress. With this level of commitment to weight loss, Diet Doc has become the most trusted name in nutrition producing fast results for their clients at an average of one pound per day without starvation, muscle loss, and over 12 times less expensively than risky and invasive surgery.

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