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hCGTreatments / Diet Doc hCG Diets & Weight Loss Plans Announce New, Custom Programs That Use Effective Weight Loss Pills to Lose Weight Fast

Diet Doc’s hCG diets have become the nation’s leader in helping patients lose weight fast through a unique protocol combining prescription weight loss pills with education and counseling from certified nutritionists.


Escondido, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/03/2013 -- Thousands of patients have successfully learned how to lose weight fast by following Diet Doc’s simple and effective hCG diets that utilize physician prescribed weight loss pills, healthy meal and snack plans and education on proper nutrition. Diet Doc’s uniquely designed fat loss protocol allows patients to lose between fifteen and twenty pounds each month that they participate with hCG diets and will also provide an increase in patient’s energy during their program. Diet Doc’s hCG diets have become so popular because they help patients lose weight fast with fat loss programs that are designed specifically for each patient around their personal needs.

Each potential patient will first consult with a specially trained weight management physician to thoroughly review their health history and determine whether the patient has any underlying medical issues or internal organ imbalances that may be causing weight gain or inhibiting weight management. Diet Doc understands that addressing weight gain and learning how to lose weight fast are imperative to improving patients’ weight-related quality of life; therefore, they offer patients same-day appointments with physicians to immediately begin their weight management journey.

During their initial physician consultation, the patient will be prescribed the appropriate weight loss pills to help lose weight fast and comfortably transition to a healthier lifestyle. Diet Doc’s hCG diet plans are complete fat loss and weight management plans that incorporate weight loss pills to suppress the patient’s appetite and efficiently burn excess and embarrassing fat. These hCG diets recognize that overcoming the initial challenges inherent in trying to lose weight fast do not have to be a part of patients’ weight management journeys and uses weight loss pills to suppress the appetite so patients can reevaluate their unhealthy eating habits and begin to incorporate good, wholesome foods into their diet.

In addition to suppressing the appetite, Diet Doc’s physician prescribed weight loss pills also target excess and embarrassing fat buildup usually found around the stomach, thighs and underarms. Eliminating fatty deposits in these areas is difficult because it rarely responds to normal diet and exercise changes alone. Diet Doc’s hCG diets utilize the naturally occurring hCG hormone to mobilize this fatty buildup and flush it from the patient’s system. The hCG hormone was first discovered in the 1950s by researcher A.T.W. Simeons and was soon acknowledged for the benefits it offered for patients looking to lose weight fast. By acting as a protective barrier for a growing fetus, the hCG hormone mobilizes excess fat to provide nutrition without attacking the mother’s muscle mass or structural fat. When used in weight loss pills for hCG diets, the excess fat is mobilized and rapidly eliminated from the body.

Diet Doc’s hCG diets have proven to be effective because of the unique design and implementation of their fat loss protocol. When developing this protocol, Diet Doc understood that learning how to lose weight fast would not be the same for every patient and recognized that a successful dieting program would require personal attention. Consequently, Diet Doc’s hCG diets are created around each patient’s age, gender, health history, lifestyle, and food preferences.

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