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hCGTreatments / Diet Doc hCG Diets & Weight Loss Plans: New in-House Survey Reveals More Effective Weight Loss with Diet Doc hCG Diet

A new, in-house survey of Diet Doc patients reports learning how to lose weight safely and rapidly through one-on-one education and personalized diet plans more effective than other diet programs tried.


Escondido, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/08/2013 -- Many weight loss companies claim to do the impossible and offer patients complete body transformations without changing the patient’s diet or lifestyle in any way. Diet Doc hCG diets promise to help clients learn how to lose weight and maintain their weight through education on how to lose weight fast, changes in eating habits and encouragement to eliminate poor lifestyle choices completely from their every day routines. For some patients, Diet Doc physicians recommend the use of the weight reduction aid hCG to assist in reaching initial weight loss goals and to target stubborn excess fat in areas such as the stomach and thighs. Diet Doc’s hCG diet plans have become the nation’s leader in medical weight loss by providing the necessary clinical support and motivation for each and every patient and by working together with patients toward a lifetime of great health.

The unfortunate side effect experienced by many patients of other weight loss companies offering fast weight loss with no change in lifestyle or education on how to lose weight, is the eventual return of any weight lost during their participation in that plan. Often the dieter will regain more weight than was initially lost. Diet Doc hCG diets focus not only on initial weight loss, they are also committed to changing the unhealthy eating habits and lifestyle choices that lead to weight gain in the first place. In a recent in-house survey, patients were asked about their experiences with other weight loss companies compared to their experience with Diet Doc hCG diets. The results proved a dramatic favor toward Diet Doc’s hCG diets with over 97% of patients reporting a positive outcome and their eagerness to recommend Diet Doc diets to others.

Clients interviewed for the in-house survey had participated in many well-known diet programs such as Weight Watchers, the Atkins Diet, Medifast and Nutrisystem before their successful weight loss with Diet Doc’s hCG diets. Well over half of those surveyed stated that they were unhappy with the rate at which they lost weight while using these programs and even more than these reported weight gain and the eventual return of the weight lost within six months. Nearly 90% of patients choosing Diet Doc hCG diets have learned how to lose weight, have achieved significant weight loss, and report feeling positive and energized. When these patients were asked to compare hCG diets with other popular plans, patients overwhelmingly claim that hCG diets are far superior to any other program attempted.

Personalized treatment plans including unlimited physician consultations, one-on-one education on how to lose weight and custom meal plans created around the patient’s health history, food preferences, age and gender make Diet Doc’s program unique and effective. As demonstrated by the recent in-house survey, patients clearly agree that the all-inclusive services, medications and clinically superior diet plans provide safe and fast weight loss.

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