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hCGTreatments / Diet Doc hCG Diets & Weight Loss Plans Announces Improved hCG Diet Plans for Patients Looking to Surprise Family & Friends with Drastic Weight Loss

Diet Doc offers patients its most advanced medically supervised hCG diet plans, providing improved prescription treatments with updated weight loss procedures, generating fast weight loss and helping patients make a dramatic post-diet impact on friends and family.


Escondido, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/21/2013 -- The prescription hCG diet has been around since 1954, when Endocrinologist Dr. A. Simeons first discovered the potential of this naturally occurring hormone. Dr. Simeons found that patients were losing weight in traditionally difficult to target areas, such as the underarms, hips, and belly. However, the original Simeons diet plans came under scrutiny, as they allowed patients to consume only 500 calories daily, leading to potentially harmful side effects. Since the Simeons hCG diet fell out of favor, Diet Doc has used the advantage of modern nutritional and physiological science to drastically improve the original hCG diet.

Currently, the new and improved Diet Doc hCG diet plan allows patents to consume up to 1250 calories daily, depending on weight loss goals and individual bodily factors, and is much easier and hassle free to adhere to than previous versions. The company provides patients nationwide with its most advanced version of the modernized hCG diet, not only allowing more calories, but also providing each patient with even more individualized attention, unlimited consultations for up to a year after goals have been achieved, and truly focusing more intently on how each patient’s individual body loses weight most effectively. The result is the company’s newly improved hCG diet plans, capable of producing an average of over one pound per day of results, all from the comfort of the patient’s home.

The Diet Doc prescription diet protocol allows patients to lose weight fast without being tethered to doctors’ offices, gyms, or stressful group meetings. Patients on the Diet Doc hCG protocol experience truly life-altering results without subjecting themselves to embarrassment or scrutiny. Patients can diet effectively from their own homes, eventually revealing their drastic results to shocked and impressed family and friends. Recently, Fox News reported an inspiring story of a woman who underwent drastic weight loss while her husband was in away on military deployment. Fox News reports “Deployed for a year in Afghanistan, Army Spc. Larry Shaffer returned to North Carolina this week to discover his wife, Misty, had dropped more than 100 pounds in that 12-month period as a homecoming gift to her husband.” The Diet Doc diet allows patients to lose weight even more rapidly than Misty Shaffer, safely and naturally. With such an inspiring story circulating the net, Diet Doc reminds patients with as little as 10 pounds to lose, or over 100, that these types of results are not only achievable with a prescription hCG weight loss plan, but extremely common. Diet Doc has produced fast weight loss for thousands of patients across the nation, averaging at over one pound per day for over 97 percent of patients, all without significant side effects, hunger, between meal cravings, or even exercise.

Diet Doc's hCG diet plans are easily accessible, with patients simply calling the company to inquire, but also incredibly simple to follow, with patients each receiving a detailed diet manual and unlimited one-on-one support from physicians, nurses, and coaches during and up to a year after weight loss. Utilizing the nationwide system called Telemedicine, anyone across the country can contact a Diet Doc physician, schedule consultation, and receive the most effective way to lose weight fast, the hCG diet. The company uses only pure prescription hCG treatments, not ineffective homeopathic hCG. In addition, each patient receives a nutritionist designed nutrition plan, individually tailored around specific weight loss goals their body's particular dietary needs. The result is a low calorie diet that produces results, naturally and without starvation.

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