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hCGTreatments / Diet Doc hCG Diets & Weight Loss Plans Now Rid Patients of Pregnancy Weight Gain with Diet Foods and hCG Drops, Tablets and Injections

Diet Doc programs combine education on healthy diet foods for weight loss and exclusive hCG drops, tablets and injections to control patients’ appetites, burn excess fat and eliminate pregnancy weight gain.


Escondido, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/23/2013 -- While pregnancy is usually seen as a joyous event, new mothers struggling with pregnancy weight gain understand that not every aspect of their experience is necessarily positive. And, where many mothers in Detroit attempt to quickly lose weight by eating diet foods and exercising, most find that the weight loss does not come fast enough and they begin searching for alternatives to the slow results they achieve through diet foods alone. Fortunately, Diet Doc now offers their exclusive hCG drops, tablets and injections that target fat in hard to reach areas of the body caused by pregnancy weight gain and provide their clients with the fast and effective results they are looking for.

Once beginning their Diet Doc weight loss program, patients will work with a certified nutritionist to learn which diet foods are low in fat and calories and which will encourage their bodies to burn excess and embarrassing fat. Together with their nutritionist, patients will create and design a meal plan, filled with healthy diet foods, around their age, gender, health history, lifestyle and food preferences. Nutritionists take personal health issues, like pregnancy weight gain, into consideration when developing the patient’s diet program and incorporate diet foods that naturally burn fat for fuel. This personalized approach to addressing pregnancy weight gain will not only provide patients with a comfortable transition to a slimmer, sexier figure, it will also help patients stick to their weight loss program to maximize their results.

Because most patients who are suffering with pregnancy weight gain are looking for immediate weight loss results, Diet Doc enhances their diet foods and meal plans with exclusive hCG drops, tablets and injections. These treatments are comprised of pure, prescription strength hCG and contain powerful levels of active ingredients to target and eliminate excess fat. While some companies market their hCG drops as effective, most of those companies actually use homeopathic hCG drops which do not contain levels of active ingredients high enough to provide their clients with any fat loss. Diet Doc’s hCG drops, tablets and injections all require a valid physician prescription because of the quality and high levels of ingredients used within their exclusive treatments. And, while the patient is free to choose whichever form of treatment they prefer, hCG drops, tablets or injections, most Diet Doc clients decide to use the injectable solution because it has been enhanced with vitamin B12 for an energy boost throughout the day.

Diet Doc created their weight loss programs to deliver their clients with an easy, rapid and effective alternative to losing pregnancy weight gain. Consuming healthy, low calorie diet foods is an important step toward losing pregnancy weight gain, but Diet Doc understands that most new mothers would prefer not to struggle through months of discomfort until their fast weight loss goals are attained. Following this exclusive protocol has allowed thousands of patients in Detroit lose pregnancy weight gain without any negative side effects like cravings, uncontrollable hunger, weakness or fatigue seen in other diet programs.

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