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HCG Excite Brings High Quality Hcg to Canada With the Launch of


San Fransisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/26/2012 -- Dieting is a popular option among those seeking to lose weight, but many find that stubborn pounds refuse to move quickly enough. Supplements designed to increase the rate of weight-loss for dieters are gaining increasing popularity, and none more so than HCG Excite, which is recently expanding to reach an international audience.

With the launch of, Canadians can now buy HCG drops that are high quality, US manufactured and from a brand that has quickly become synonymous with HCG treatments.

HCG weight loss is a method by which a diet designed to create a caloric deficit is assisted by human chorionic gonadotropin, a chemical discovered to be released by pregnant women, which prioritizes burning fat and suppresses appetite.

The website features a host of features, including high quality imagery and infographics, an overview of the diet, advice on usage and dosage of the supplement, an extensive collection of testimonials from users, and a blog featuring original editorialized content. The product is seen to have been featured by Fox, CBS, ABC and PRWeb.

It also features a Canadian phone number, and offers free access to a team of experts when a purchase is made to ensure the product is used safely and to maximum effect. There are a plethora of tailored packages available to ensure that every customer gets the right approach for them, with 500, 800 and 1200 calorie diets each containing meal plans, recipe guides, shopping lists and a diet tracker included with the drops. There is even a 25% savings coupon on the site to celebrate the launch.

A spokesperson for the product explained, “What we’re seeing here is that a product that has proven to be a success in the US market has found an increasing demand worldwide, and we intend to meet that demand with the same highest quality products available in the US. Weight loss really is an increasingly pressing issue in the developed world, where fast-food and unhealthy lifestyles have caused an obesity epidemic. It would be madness if we didn’t get these supplements out to all the affected areas after the success they’ve shown in America.”

About HCG Excite is dedicated to bringing Canadian dieters the same high quality HCG Excite weight loss supplements that our American customers have grown to love. Using only the highest quality 100% natural formulations in our US Certified laboratories, HCG Excite is proud to be an industry leader in weight loss supplements. For more information visit