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HCG Excite Expands into Europe With the Launch of


San Fransisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/28/2012 -- Weight loss is a pressing issue not just in the United States but throughout the developed world. In the UK, 60.8% of adults are overweight. Increased media awareness about the dangers of the so-called “obesity epidemic” on quality of life and health alike have caused a surge in dieting. Despite this, many still find it difficult to maintain diets when little success is seen.

HCG Excite is one of America’s premier weight loss supplements and has recently become available in several international and European markets. With the launch of, British people can now gain access to a supplement that has been hugely successful in America in augmenting diets for greater, faster results.

The product works by using human chorionic gonadotropin, a chemical first discovered to be released by pregnant women, which suppresses appetite and prioritizes the digestion of fats over muscle proteins, leading to weight loss of the right kind for dieters.

The UK website goes into a great deal of detail as to how the product works and how best to use it for maximum results. Several options are available, with HCG drops and HCG pellets for use in the HCG diet- a caloric deficit diet that comes in 500, 800 or 1200 calorie versions depending on the individual.

The packages are available in 23 Day Kits, 43 Day Kits, and Couples Kits for both time ranges, allowing those in relationships where both parties are seeking to lose weight to save money and support one another. The website also publishes quality editorial content via a blog, answering consumer question and showing testimonials from users.

A spokesperson for the website explained, “We have the highest obesity level in Europe and part of the reason we can’t shed the weight is our frustration with slow or minimal results. HCG plans have been shown to work and are hugely popular in the US, and the product is now quickly gaining an international reputation, being made available in Canada and Europe. The UK needs this supplement, and we’re happy to provide it for them.”

About HCG Excite is dedicated to bringing European dieters the same high quality HCG Excite weight loss supplements that our North American customers have grown to love. Using only the highest quality 100% natural formulations in our US Certified laboratories, HCG Excite is proud to be an industry leader in weight loss supplements. For more information please visit: