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hCGTreatments / Diet Doc hCG Diets & Weight Loss Plans Announces Newly Formulated hCG Pills: Pain Free Fast Weight Loss

Diet Doc introduced newly formulated hCG pills as an alternative to injection hCG treatments and hCG drops.


Escondido, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/20/2013 -- Diet Doc recently increased effectiveness of their hCG pills, a less invasive way to deliver prescription hCG to the bloodstream. Dieters simply must place the tablet under the tongue where a multitude of eager capillaries quickly carry the medication to its destination. hCG injections are thought to be the most effective delivery method; yet, Diet Doc is unwavering in its task to provide the most advanced and fast weight loss programs to the widest range of consumers, including those who may dislike needles or cannot use them for other reasons. In this capacity, the company offers prescription hCG in both tablet and drop form, in addition to traditional injections.

With a vast line of effective and fast weight loss products and services, Diet Doc leads the pack in medically supervised weight loss. The company's new hCG pills are just as easy to access. Clients simply contact Diet Doc via telephone or the company’s website and confer with an in-house physician. If the physician feels that the patient may benefit from prescription hCG for fast weight loss, a prescription is written and medication is delivered directly to the patient's door, along with other effective proprietary diet aids offered by Diet Doc. This level of national service is made possible via the Telemedicine system, allowing patients to contact physicians outside of their normal service area for non-emergency medical consultation. Situations such as weight loss do not require direct contact with patients in order to produce the best results. A simple questionnaire can actually aid physicians in determination and further help to identify factors associated with weight gain like slowed thyroid function and poor eating habits.

Diet Doc's new hCG pills offer other benefits in addition to simply being painless. These hCG pills do not require constant refrigeration, as the hCG contained inside is dried and will not spoil without moisture. The elimination of the need to refrigerate adds convenience to those on the go or those who may not have access to constant refrigeration, perhaps at work or during traveling. As is the case with Diet Doc's other form of hCG treatments, hCG pills provide fast weight loss, averaging nearly one pound per day when coupled with an individualized nutrition plan. Each hCG pill is perfectly measured to contain the appropriate amount of active medication, further reducing common mistakes associated with injections and drops.

hCG Pills offer the ease of a diet pill with the effectiveness of a proven hCG diet, capable of producing fast weight loss safely and effectively. The advantage that prescription hCG pills have over standard diets is that hCG will allow patients to retain muscle mass while in ketosis, the result of a customized hCG diet in which the body burns fat optimally. Diet Doc’s team of leading fast weight loss physicians individualize a custom hCG diet depending on age, health history, gender, lifestyle, and overall diet goals. Patients who choose the hCG pill over traditional injections or drops receive the same personalized service that makes the company the number one hCG diet provider in the nation.

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