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HCG Tele-Medicine Program Challenges Dieters to Try Real HCG


Tampa, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/05/2013 -- While many dieters say the weight loss achieved from the use of HCG compares to a lap band or gastric bypass surgery – without going under the knife – it’s important to know that not all HCG products are the same. Most importantly, the HCG products you buy over-the-counter are fake, but our new online tele-medicine program can now gives you access to the real deal.


HCG, which stands for human chorionic gonadotropin, is the hormone produced during pregnancy to keep the baby healthy. Research shows that HCG can also trick the body into burning fat, and the weight-loss concept has made international headlines, even on the Dr. Oz Show. The hormone is available in a droplet and injectable form and requires users to be on a strict, low-calorie diet.

Millions of people have reached their weight loss goals quickly and effectively with HCG, which focuses on deep-stored fat that is difficult to access and lose with other weight loss programs.


The weight-loss market is a crap shoot. Men and women hope to get fit for summer, but so many sites are out to take advantage of people. Here at Nu Image Medical, we want to help get people fit with results that truly last.

In order to accomplish this goal, we must first inform you that real HCG is not available over-the-counter. These products available at your local stores and online are usually referred to as homeopathic HCG. This is just a fancy way of saying: “This isn’t real HCG.” Real HCG requires a prescription. Here is a rule you should always follow: If you can buy it without a doctor’s prescription and it isn’t coming from a licensed pharmacy, then it isn’t real HCG.


If you really want to lose weight, you have to purchase medical HCG. In order to do so, you must first go through a licensed physician who will then prescribe the HCG specifically to your needs. The script must then be sent over to a licensed US pharmacy who will then prepare your medication. Sounds like a lot? Fret not! We’ve made this entire process available online through our doctor supervised HCG diet program. Fill out a simple form, go through your tele-consultation and you’re done.


The HCG diet has its fair share of skeptics! Are you one of them? That’s OK, we have a challenge for you!

We invite you to e-mail us with your questions about HCG and figure out if this is the right plan to get you closer to your weight-loss goal. We will put you through the entire process free of charge in order to show you what the real HCG diet plan can do for you. E-mail us at info with the subject line: I want to try HCG, and a link to the article, blog post, Tweet or Facebook post where you expressed your skepticism. Please note that not everyone will be selected, but we will certainly choose those who we believe can benefit most from our medical program. This isn’t a bait and switch free trial offer, this is just our way to get the word out about real HCG and its benefits.

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Nu Image Medical has been the industry leading tele-health provider since 2004. We specialize in the medical HCG Diet weight loss protocol, Hormone Replacement and anti aging medicine.

Andreas Dettlaff, CEO/Founder of Nu Image Medical states “Affordable preventive care is vital to our health. Early detection and treatment of health issues can allow for immediate attention on these conditions before they become worse, or even untreatable. Weight Issues alone are a national state of emergency in our country. Without proper attention, serious health risks are at stake for millions of Americans.”

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