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hCGTreatments / Diet Doc hCG Diets & Weight Loss Plans Reveal hCG Troches That Have Become the Most Popular Weight Loss Method for Reducing High Body Fat Percentages

Diet Doc’s weight loss programs now make reducing overall body fat percentages even easier with new hCG troches that quickly dissolve in the mouth to burn stored body fat and significantly suppress the appetite.


Escondido, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/12/2014 -- Helping dieters reduce their body fat percentage is now easier than ever with Diet Doc’s prescription strength hCG troches that quickly dissolve in the mouth for fast, effective weight loss. Dieters who may have shied away from injections containing hCG are now able to achieve the same, if not better, weight loss results with these new oral hCG troches that are rapidly becoming the most popular method of hCG delivery because they quickly dissolve in the mouth like a lozenge. Diet Doc realizes that it is not always easy to reduce body fat percentage and is now offering dieters an effortless method for losing weight and discovering a slimmer, sexier figure.

Diet Doc is one of the few remaining weight loss plans that offers updated hCG diet treatments as part of their prescription hormone diet plans. Other, competitor programs continue to use the original research from the 1950s and refuse to modernize their diet protocols. This refusal has lead competitor companies to encourage their customers to severely restrict their caloric intake to a dangerously low, 500-calorie per day, diet and has posed serious health risks in the process. Diet Doc understands the importance of losing weight but is not willing to compromise the health and safety of their clients. Because of their advances in treatment options, advances like their hCG troches, dieters are able to successfully and rapidly lose weight while consuming a healthy caloric intake of almost double that of competitor programs.

Diet Doc’s new hCG troches are similar to a throat lozenge and contain the same, prescription strength hormones that are included in the injectable solution. But now, dieters are able to receive the weight loss benefits of hCG without having to inject it into their stomach. Once they are ready to begin losing weight, dieters only need to make a quick phone call and schedule a free phone consultation with a licensed physician for a date and time that is most convenient for them. From the comfort and privacy of their own home, Diet Doc’s network of physicians come to the client and dieters are able to speak directly with a specially trained physician about their previous attempts to reduce their overall body fat percentage and their future goals for achieving the weight loss results they desire. During this initial consultation, the physician will provide the client with a six-month prescription for hCG troches, supplements and treatments that target body fat and significantly reduce the appetite. After just one quick phone call, dieters will have access to everything they need to quickly reduce their body fat percentage and discover the secrets to achieving the rapid weight loss results they want.

Dieters should also consider the quality of the product they are using to reduce their body fat percentage and should never begin a weight loss program that uses illegal and ineffective homeopathic hCG. Diet Doc refuses to consider homeopathic hCG as a treatment option and, instead, employs a dedicated network of physicians, nurses and certified nutritionists to oversee their prescription hCG troches, injections, tablets and oral drops. Because of their commitment to the high quality products they use to reduce body fat percentages, Diet Doc has been recognizes as one of the few remaining legal, legitimate and effective options for quickly losing weight.

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