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hCGTreatments / Diet Doc hCG Diets & Weight Loss Provide Clients with New, Long-Term Solutions to Weight Loss, Heart Disease and Other Weight Related Concerns

To combat health related issues like heart disease, Diet Doc hCG diets provide clients with sensible, long-term solutions to not only achieve maximum weight loss, but also to transform patients’ lifestyles by developing healthy living habits.


Escondido, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/30/2013 -- Diet Doc now offers patients new hCG diets and weight loss plans designed for effective and rapid weight loss to assist in avoiding dangerous weight related diseases. It has been determined that obesity causes significant health related issues and conditions including heart disease, diabetes and cancer. According to a new study published in BMC Medicine, coronary heart disease accounts for approximately 15% of all deaths in the United Kingdom, United States, and other developed countries. Researchers with the Million Women Study Collaborators determined that obesity has a substantial impact on coronary heart disease and found that their results were consistent over the subgroups defined by age, smoking, physical activity, alcohol consumption and socioeconomic class. To combat health related issues like heart disease, Diet Doc hCG diets provide clients with sensible, long-term solutions not only to achieve maximum weight loss, but also to transform patient’s lifestyles by developing healthy living habits.

In a study that was recently published in the scientific journal, BMC Medicine, scientists examined the relationship between body mass index and coronary heart disease. During a period of nine years, 1.2 million women were followed to determine whether body mass and changes in body mass had an effect on mortality from coronary heart disease. Researchers found clear and concise evidence indicating that coronary heart disease increases progressively as body mass increases. As reported in Medical News Today, Dexter Canoy, the head researcher for this study, explained, "The risk of developing CHD increases even with small incremental increases in BMI, and this is seen not only in the heaviest but also in women who are not usually considered obese. Small changes in BMI, together with leading a healthy lifestyle by not smoking, avoiding excess alcohol consumption, and being physically active could potentially prevent the occurrence of CHD for a large number of people in the population." Diet Doc’s hCG diet plans have proven to be successful in providing safe, effective weight loss while avoiding certain weight related health risks, including heart disease. New hCG diets are targeted to provide fast weight loss and have been tailored to address specific health factors that may put patients at risk for weight related conditions.

Diet Doc’s personalized hCG diets are rich in essential nutrients and, when followed in conjunction with regulated and monitored doses of prescription hCG, patients can achieve their maximum weight loss goals. hCG injections, the most preferred method of receiving hCG, is enriched with Vitamin B12 and provides patients with extra energy while the hCG hormone naturally suppresses the appetite. Whichever delivery technique is preferred, injections, oral hCG drops or sublingual hCG tablets, patients closely following the recommendations of Diet Doc physicians and nutritionists should anticipate safe and rapid weight loss during the course of their hCG diets.

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