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hCGTreatments / Diet Doc hCG Diets & Weight Loss Plans: Learn How to Lose Weight and Create a Healthy Lifestyle Free from Sleep Disorders and Health Concerns

Diet Doc’s hCG weight loss diets address all aspects of a healthy lifestyle including learning how to lose weight while possibly eliminating health concerns such as sleep disorders.


Escondido, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/20/2013 -- Diet Doc’s hCG diets are available for all clients that are searching for how to lose weight. Diet Doc remains updated on all newly released scientific weight studies and incorporates the results of these studies into weight loss diets where they prove most beneficial for patients. One newly published study observed a group of men, all over the age of thirty, to determine if sleep disorders contributed to weight gain. Diet Doc’s team of weight management professionals considers all aspects of patients’ lives when developing hCG weight loss diets and when educating patients on how to lose weight safely and effectively. Diet Doc believes that the start to a healthy lifestyle, including resolving sleep disorders, begins with achieving initial weight reduction goals.

Published in the 2013 edition of the International Journal of Obesity, researchers from the National Center for Global Health and Medicine completed a cross-sectional study to determine the relationship between sleep disorders, overall body mass index, centralized or belly fat and fat located just below the skin’s surface. These researchers were interested in the mounting evidence indicating the sleep duration and sleep disorders are directly associated with obesity. Throughout the study the weight and sleep patterns of 5400 men between the ages of 30 and 70 were observed to determine if this evidence was accurate. Their results proved that less sleep duration, which can be caused by sleep disorders, is linked to higher overall body mass, increased belly fat and more subcutaneous fat areas. Diet Doc hCG weight loss diets are not simply focused on patients’ initial weight reduction. The Diet Doc team is dedicated to helping patients learn how to lose weight the right way and to be able to maintain that weight over time. Diet Doc believes that, to successfully transform a patient’s lifestyle for the better, all aspects of the patient’s life, including sleep disorders, need to be examined and incorporated into their hCG weight loss diets.

Diet Doc’s collaborative approach to hCG weight loss diets helps patient to not only reach their initial weight goals, it also begins to educate them on how to lose weight the best way for their body. For all patients, the weight management journey begins with an extensive health questionnaire and evaluation with a licensed physician. This process assists in uncovering any medical concerns or internal imbalances that may be inhibiting weight reduction for many patients. With this knowledge, patients work closely with a certified nutritionist to develop hCG weight loss diets around their personal food preference, activity level, health history and lifestyle. Patients will learn about healthy living habits, will discover the most energy packed and nutritious foods for meals and, most importantly, will uncover how to lose weight fast and effectively. Diet Doc’s team of expert weight management professionals also suggest lifestyle changes, such as eating habits and sleeping patterns, that allow patients to completely transition to a healthier life overall while learning how to lose weight. hCG diet plans are available for any person searching for a weight management solution and a healthier, happier life.

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