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San Fransisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/07/2012 -- By now, there are probably as many diet plans as there are people looking to diet. The basic principle of the diet is to consume less calories than you use, thus burning the body’s reserves of fat and thus losing weight. However, this simple means is also a slow process, and many dieters are looking for faster, more dramatic results.

To aid in this, all manner of theories and supplements have sprung up with the aim of providing dieters with the results they want. One such is HCG, or Human Chorionic Gonadotropin, a chemical produced in abundance by pregnant women that programs the hypothalamus to burn fat instead of lean muscle, which the body would normally prefer due to its higher energy content.

The HCG Diet Plan is a blog dedicated to describing the particular means by which HCG can be employed in dieting to create dramatic results. The use of the hormone for weightloss has proved controversial, with many conflicting opinions cluttering up the internet. HCG Diet Plan aims to cut through the fat and provide a simple, easy to follow dieting solution for those that choose to use HCG.

The site features high-quality original content in the form of editorials, articles and how-to’s, with the site’s owner Sarah getting actively involved in the comments section of all her articles, answering questions and elaborating on details. Unlike many comments sections on the internet, the HCG Diet Plan community is well mannered and supportive to one another, with Sarah setting the tone.

The articles explain that when used as an appetite suppressant, a very low-calorie diet (around 500 a day) can sustain the body in concert with the adipose deposits (body fat) that need to be burned up. Because of the dramatic nature of the intended results, the diet must be carefully planned and executed, and the site provides information on how to do so safely.

Sarah explained, “I’ve seen success with a HCG diet but it took me a long time to parse through the extreme volume of conflicting information on the internet. By creating the site, I hope to provide an easy-access, practical guide to a HCG diet that I know can work for others as well as it has done for me.”

About HCG Diet Plan
HCG Diet Plan is a blog comprising articles, editorials, and how-to’s on the HCG Diet, using a hunger suppressant to minimize calorie intake. For more information please visit: