Joe Bragg Provides Free Weight Loss Tips to Canadians


San Fransisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/26/2012 -- New diet plans are released every year. Some of these diets are effective, while others are not. The HCG diet, however, is widely perceived as an effective diet. Having exploded in popularity in recent years, the HCG diet has consistently delivered phenomenal weight loss results. is helping residents of Vancouver learn more about this popular new diet. For everything from free dieting tips and tricks to specific meal plans, HCG Diet Vancouver is doing its part to help Vancouverites lose weight.

One of the website’s most popular articles describes specific meals that can be eaten while on the HCG diet. While the diet requires users to drop their caloric intake to fewer than 500 calories per day, there are still plenty of tasty meal suggestions available. suggests eating tea or coffee for breakfast, for example, before snacking on a piece of chicken or lean meat for lunch. Salads are also a popular menu item for people on the HCG diet, as they contain lots of vitamins with a minimal number of calories.

Another popular article on the website describes the three phases of the HCG diet Canada. During the trial period, dieters take the HCG pill to ensure that their bodies do not have a negative reaction to the hormones. Then, they move onto a reduced caloric intake diet before finally switching to a 500 calorie per day meal plan. Reading this article helps Vancouverites understand exactly what to expect while following an HCG diet plan.

Why is the HCG diet so popular in Vancouver? Well, one reason could be the success story of Vancouver Canucks’ anthem singer Mark Donnelly. Donnelly’s rotund figure was a mainstay at Canucks’ games for years, and his distinctive singing style won him fans across the city.

Last year, Mark Donnelly walked onto the ice looking notably slimmer than before. The crowd immediately took notice. When asked after the game how he was able to lose weight in such a short period of time, he attributed his success to the HCG diet. Mark Donnelly lost an incredible 172 pounds while on the diet.

Whether Vancouverites are attracted to the HCG diet because of singer Mark Donnelly, or they’re just looking for an effective way to lose weight, has plenty of free information available in order for users to make an informed decision about their dieting goals.

HCG Diet Vancouver offers free, easy-to-read information about the HCG diet to both Vancouver and the rest of Canada. The website has a wide range of meal plans, health information, and HCG diet tips and tricks, allowing people from all over the country to make an educated decision about their weight loss goals. For more information, visit: