Joe Bragg Revives Trust in the HCG Market


San Fransisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/25/2012 -- Millions of Americans are currently struggling with weight issues that they do not know how to handle. Between busy work schedules and household errands, there is simply no time left to go to the gym or pursue complicated diets. As a result, many people are searching for an easier way to lose a lot of weight quickly, and they are turning to HCG supplements to boost their weight loss.

These homeopathic supplements are easily administered in the form of drops that are taken three times a day. The HCG drops activate the body’s metabolism and impact the manner in which fat is released in the body. When on a simple low-calorie diet, HCG prevents the body from believing it is starving itself, so fat is constantly being burned instead of stored.

Due to its effectiveness HCG has become very popular with consumers. However FDA Registered, one of the leading HCG suppliers is concerned that some consumers are left with a poor deal from some HCG websites.

There are many unscrupulous HCG suppliers on the internet who don’t sell quality products or support their customers according to a spokesperson for Utah based

“Consumers are well aware of the potent loss making capabilities of HCG however most consumers are badly informed when making purchases and are not given guidance on how to get the best out of HCG. Unfortunately there are also rogue suppliers who offer inferior products before disappearing from view.”

In order buck the industry trend, have decided to take the stress out of HCG purchases and advice. After selling over 250,000 bottles of HCG and speaking to thousands of customers had an inside track on the wants and needs of HCG customers.

With this insider knowledge they formulated an offering that was not only great in terms of price but also gave consumers the knowledge and support they required. Every purchase now comes with not only the HCG drops but also a diet protocol, a full diet manual, HCG tips and recipes, meal planner, diet tracker and a complete shopping list.

A spokesperson explains:

“We have tried to give the consumer everything they will need to get the best out of HCG. However we realize sometimes people have questions so we offer unlimited phone and email support.”

The website features numerous HCG product offering and a plethora of customer testimonials. The blog includes high quality editorial content and statistics to help consumers with all aspects of the HCG diet.

The business is based in Utah and FDA Registered.

About is a supplement company based in Draper, Utah dedicated to providing the highest quality natural supplements to customers in North America. They constantly strive to maintain the highest levels of product quality, customer support and leading edge research.

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