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hCGTreatments / Diet Doc hCG Diets and Weight Loss Plans Announces Clean Eating Plans That Teach Patients How to Avoid Dangerous Foods to Reduce Heart Attack Risk

Diet Doc’s hormone treatments help patients over initial weight loss hurdles, but the real beauty of the program is that clients are taught how to avoid fatty, high calorie foods that cause plaque buildup to reduce heart attack risk.


Escondido, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/20/2014 -- When a person consumes a diet high in fat and cholesterol, plaque accumulates in the arteries. These buildups can lead to limited blood flow, causing potentially fatal conditions, such as atherosclerosis which leads to heart disease and increased heart attack risk. As reported by Medical News Today, because atherosclerosis typically has no symptoms, many people are not aware that they have this problem until an artery becomes blocked, causing a medical emergency.

Decades of scientific research has enabled Diet Doc to develop the most reliable and industry leading prescription hormone clean eating diet plans in the nation. While the prescription hormone treatments help patients over initial weight loss hurdles, the diet plans are so effective because they combine these treatments with education on how to lose weight most effectively and teach patients how to change their diet to one that incorporates healthy foods that are low in fats and cholesterol to avoid plaque buildup in the arteries and reduce heart attack risk.

New patients will consult with a Diet Doc physician and a team of certified nutritionists and weight loss coaches to design a meal plan specifically around their food preferences, age, gender and lifestyle while being compatible with almost any medical condition and fitting neatly into each patient’s lifestyle. Diet plans are interesting and patients can continue to consume some foods that they enjoy while beginning to incorporate healthy fruits, vegetables, whole grains and lean meats into their diet. Because Diet Doc’s prescription hormone clean eating diets are created specifically for each patient, they are interesting and more effective. Patients report fast weight loss results, as well as improved energy levels and overall general health that motivate even further weight loss.

To help patients make healthy, low calorie food choices, patients will work closely with Diet Doc’s certified nutritionists to learn about proper nutrition and calorie and fat content of foods that will help them lose weight rapidly while reducing their heart attack risk. Physicians will provide qualified patients with a prescription, valid for six months, which enables patients to conveniently and effortlessly order their supplements and prescription hormone treatments over the telephone or the internet at any point during their program. These supplements work flawlessly with the personalized clean eating diet plans because they control any urges to overindulge in fatty, processed foods and allow the patient to choose healthier, cleaner foods instead. Once the patient is able to step back and re-evaluate their unhealthy eating habits, following a clean eating diet will become comfortable and natural.

Diet Doc offers incomparable services to dieters nationwide, delivering consistent, effective prescription hormone treatments and clean eating diet plans directly to patients' doors. The company's in-house medical weight loss experts guide every patient through their personal health journey by altering diet plans if results begin to taper. Each patient receives a weekly checkup call to assess progress, attitude, and comfort level. This level of personal service ensures that each patient is comfortably realizing the maximum benefit from the program while enabling the physicians to quickly identify and resolve any weight loss plateaus or other barriers that may be hindering fast weight loss.

Patients nationwide are looking and feeling better than ever before and report making the best decision of their life by choosing Diet Doc’s medically supervised, prescription hormone treatments and tailor made clean eating diet plans as their personal method for improving health, reducing their heart attack risk attack caused by blocked arteries, and enjoying a slimmer, leaner body.

To begin the journey to improved health, call the nation’s leader in clinical weight loss today to schedule a personal and complementary consultation.

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