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hCGTreatments / Diet Doc hCG Diets and Weight Loss Plans Announces Prescription Strength Diet Pills Designed to Safely Accelerate Weight Loss

Diet Doc’s prescription strength diet pills are designed to combat slow weight loss results and weight loss plateaus by jump starting the metabolism and melting excess fat at an amazing pace without side effects.

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Escondido, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/27/2013 -- Oftentimes, dieters will become discouraged because, although excess weight seems to quickly disappear in the initial phases of the diet, they may reach a plateau during which weight loss slows or may stop altogether. Although these weight loss plateaus are common during dieting, they can cause dieters to become disenchanted with their diet and to give up. Hence, the weight is regained and the diet plan is discarded.

Diet Doc offers comprehensive hCG diet plans that include, not only the best and purest prescription hCG treatments, but tailor made diet plans that are personalized respective of each patient’s individual body style, shape, metabolism, lifestyle and medical conditions. Certified nutritionists work closely with each patient to design diet plans that are compatible with each particular situation, while incorporating foods that will provide the fastest and safest weight loss available. The diet plans are rich in essential nutrients and designed to ensure that patients are consuming an adequate balance of nutrient rich foods that will, not only promote fast weight loss, but sustain energy levels to keep the body operating at full potential.

Diet Doc is serious about helping anyone who wants to lose unhealthy excess fat to improve their health by successfully achieving their weight loss goals. The professional weight loss staff at Diet Doc personally guides each patient toward their weight loss goals and is available nearly every day of the week to answer questions, eager to lend unlimited support, guidance and encouragement until well after the last ounce of excess fat has disappeared. Weekly checkup calls are scheduled to monitor weight loss progress and to ensure that each patient is successfully losing weight rapidly and comfortably. This level of personal service enables the board certified doctors to quickly identify any weight loss plateaus or any other barrier that may be standing in the way of successful and rapid weight loss and to make medication adjustments or prescribe diet pills to jump start the metabolism.

Diet Doc offers an impressive collection of prescription strength diet pills, all designed to promote safe and maximum weight loss. Ultra Burn, Slim Down and 7-Keto DHEA are specially formulated to safely accelerate fat burning, while providing an added energy boost for dieters with its Vitamin B12 formulation. Patients that have experienced a weight loss plateau are amazed that simple changes to the diet plans, medication adjustments and prescription strength diet pills put them back on the track to healthy, safe and rapid weight loss without side effects.

Because Diet Doc is committed to providing only the safest and best method of weight loss available on today’s market, their prescription hormone treatments and diet pills are manufactured in their own fully licensed, FDA approved, United States based pharmacies. Products will be delivered directly to patient’s doors and will include a Certificate of Analysis detailing the quality and quantity of all active ingredients. These diet products are not sold by other retailers and cannot be purchased in stores and are available to qualified patients by prescription only.

The stunning results that patients nationwide have realized through following Diet Doc’s medically guided hCG diet plans and complemented with prescription strength diet pills have made the company the nation’s most trusted and most reliable fast weight loss source available on today’s market.

Those who have become discouraged with dieting due to slow results and weight loss plateaus are urged to call the professionals at Diet Doc today to schedule a free and personal consultation and to join the thousands who have realized their long term weight loss goals by taking advantage of Diet Doc’s powerful prescription hCG treatments and prescription strength diet pills.

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