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hCGTreatments / Diet Doc hCG Diets & Weight Loss Plans Announces hCG Diet Plans for Safe and Fast Weight Loss Leading to a Better Night's Sleep and Sharpened Cognition

Obesity and being overweight can significantly disrupt sleep, causing daytime sleepiness and decreased cognition. Diet Doc's prescription hCG diet plans promote fast weight loss and help patients enjoy a restful, uninterrupted sleep.


Escondido, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/24/2014 -- According to a study reported on by Medical News Today that was published in the journal, Sleep, researchers found that a good night’s sleep is essential to brain health. The research found that those who were deprived of sleep displayed increased blood concentrations of NSE and S-100B, brain molecules that promote neurodegenerative processes and is usually a sign of damaged brain tissue. The study concluded that a good night’s sleep may be critical for maintaining healthy brain function and increased cognition.

Science indicates that the quality of sleep is closely linked to body weight and that those who are overweight or obese are more likely to experience interrupted and restless sleep. Carrying excess weight can lead to sleep disorders, such as insomnia, obstructive sleep apnea and restless leg syndrome. Each of these disorders restricts sleep, causing daytime sleepiness and decreased cognition. Patients who follow Diet Doc’s prescription hCG diet plans report a better quality of sleep after losing weight. Losing as little as 10-20 pounds can have a significant effect on sleep quality and can benefit the entire body by circulating blood more effectively and managing fluid levels more easily. Shedding even a few pounds can provide significant cardiovascular benefit, increased energy levels and sharper cognition, making every pound lost a positive step toward healthier living.

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Benefiting from decades of research, the experts at Diet Doc have developed the most modern day version of the 1950s hCG diet plans, scientifically designed to promote safe and fast weight loss by combining pure, prescription hCG with nutrient rich diet plans that are created by certified nutritionists and specific to each patient’s personal nutritional, medical and lifestyle needs. The dynamic combination of prescription hCG and tailor made diet plans signals the brain to trigger fat that has been stored and trapped in the body’s cells to be released into the bloodstream. This old fat is typically trapped in the areas of the belly, underarms, hips and thighs. The body burns these old fat stores as its primary energy source, resulting in the loss of pounds and inches in these most stubborn and difficult to lose areas.

Diet Doc’s prescription hCG is not sold in stores, but interested clients can contact the company for a free consultation with a licensed physician, completed easily over the telephone. Due to its ability to promote more rapid weight loss, while also naturally suppressing the appetite, painless injectable hCG solution is the most preferred method of prescription hCG delivery among patients. Prescription hCG is also made available to patients in sublingual lozenges called troches. Diet Doc combines their prescription hCG with diet plans that are specific to each patient’s personal needs to turn the body into a fat burning machine, melting pounds and inches at an amazing pace, leading to patients getting a restful, uninterrupted sleep and looking and feeling better with sharpened cognition.

To ensure that patients are receiving only the best diet products available on today’s market, Diet Doc manufactures their prescription hCG in fully licensed, U.S. based pharmacies. Qualified patients will receive a one year prescription and can have their diet products delivered directly to their home, eliminating costly and time consuming visits to local weight loss clinics. Each patient’s weight loss journey is supervised by Diet Doc’s specially network of trained and board certified doctors, nurses, nutritionists and coaches and progress is monitored with scheduled weekly checkup calls, regardless of the patient’s physical location.

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