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hCGTreatments / Diet Doc hCG Diets & Weight Loss Plans Announces Prescription hCG Diets That Promote Safe and Fast Weight Loss Without Leaving the Comfort of Home

By utilizing the most current technology, Diet Doc can reach those in even the most remote areas of the country; helping people nationwide improve their health with hCG diets and by successfully achieving their weight loss goals from the comfort of their own home.

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Escondido, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/27/2013 -- Diet Doc brings safe and fast weight loss to each patient’s doorstep, eliminating embarrassing, time-consuming and costly visits to local weight loss clinics or doctor’s offices. By developing the safest and fastest prescription hormone treatments and diet plans available on today’s market, and making them available to patients nationwide from the comfort of their own home, the company has helped thousands of Americans improve their health by successfully achieving their weight loss goals.

By utilizing Telemedicine, allowing patients to consult with licensed physicians easily via telephone or Skype, patients who are struggling to lose that last difficult 10-20 pounds, or even those who must lose 100 pounds or more, now have the opportunity to take advantage of the nation’s leading prescription hCG diet plans.

The journey begins with a detailed online medical evaluation. Patients will then, at their convenience, speak directly with one of Diet Doc’s board certified fast weight loss physicians who will review the patient’s entire system to identify any organs that may be improperly functioning or other barriers that may hinder safe and fast weight loss.

Based on the evaluation and doctor consult, patients will then work closely with certified nutritionists, who are educated in the science of safe and fast weight loss and who intimately understand how the body responds to Diet Doc’s prescription hCG treatments. Individualized hCG diet plans will be designed that are specific to each patient’s nutritional needs, while being compatible with almost any medical condition. These diet plans consist of proprietary Diet Doc weight loss supplements and diet aids, combined with the powerful 100% pure prescription hormone treatments, capable of melting fat at an amazing pace from the most stubborn and difficult areas on the body.

With the launch of the new Telehealth initiative, patients receive personalized attention with the clinical staff being easily accessible via telephone, Skype, and e-mail, and available Monday through Saturday for consultation always eager to lend unlimited support, guidance and encouragement through each phase of the dieter’s, often, life changing journey

Diet Doc’s goal is to make safe and fast weight loss possible for everyone who wants or needs to lose unhealthy excess weight. Now, by utilizing the most current technology, those in even the most remote regions of the country can reach Diet Doc and easily begin losing weight almost immediately.

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