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hCGTreatments / Diet Doc hCG Diets & Weight Loss Plans Now Combine Fat Burning Foods and Powerful hCG Levels as Part of Their Popular Medical Weight Loss Programs

Diet Doc programs are now the nation’s leading medical weight loss programs because of their exclusive, prescription hCG levels and natural fat burning foods hand picked by weight management experts.


Escondido, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/24/2014 -- Although there are many options for American dieters when it comes to losing weight, few programs in the United States offer the powerful combination of fat burning foods and prescription hCG levels necessary for nearly immediate fat loss. Diet Doc’s exclusive medical weight loss programs are one of the only American diet plans that employ specially trained physicians and nurses to create diet plans tailored for dieters’ individual medical weight loss needs. And, in addition to a one-year prescription for treatments containing pure hCG levels, each client will also consult one-on-one with medical weight loss coaches and nutrition experts to create a daily meal plan that incorporates potent fat burning foods to increase the effectiveness of their treatments and causes excess, embarrassing fat to quickly melt away.

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Dieters who are looking for a legitimate and legal cure for their weight gain only need to make a quick phone call to Diet Doc’s office and they can immediately speak with a physician trained in eliminating the many causes of weight gain and solutions for weight control. Because Diet Doc, unlike other fad or trend diet plans, have been using prescription strength hCG levels and fat burning foods to help their clients lose weight for nearly a decade, clients are able to review a proven record of successful medical weight loss results and can feel confident that they too will soon begin seeing their own slimmer, healthier figure.

While competitors have refused to update their outdated science, Diet Doc is one of the very few programs in the United States that has modernized their research and is able to offer their clients hCG levels that comply with today’s rigorous health and medical standards. Other medical weight loss companies may recognize the benefit of combining strong hCG levels with fat burning foods, but instead of using prescription strength levels to achieve these results, competitors continue to utilize ineffective and illegal homeopathic hCG treatments that will not assist dieters in achieving the results that they desire.

While competitors continue to encourage their clients to consume a dangerously low, 500-calorie per day diet plan, Diet Doc understands the need for fast medical weight loss while providing their clients with the recommended daily intake of essential elements and minerals. Their hCG diet protocol is one of the very few updated versions of the hCG diet in the United States and, because of their high standards, unique choices of fat burning foods and their effective results, they have become the nation’s leader in medically supervised weight control.

Because they are dedicated to patient safety, as well as rapid medical weight loss, each Diet Doc client will first consult with a medical professional to ensure that they are a good candidate for prescription strength hCG levels. This initial consultation can take place in the comfort and privacy of the patient’s own home and is an extensive look into the patient’s unique causes of weight gain. Once this initial consultation is complete, patients will begin working with nurses and nutrition experts who will create a personalized meal and snack plan that contains the most effective fat burning foods for maximum results.

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